[News] World of Warcraft Classic Community Resources

You missed the suggestion where we recolor the WoW Classic forums to the shade of the old classic forums seen here:

Who took candle??

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Can we please get classic class forums? Thanks!

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I started just a little before BC though I worked on the original Brady Games strategy guide way back when starting with F&F Alpha.

These posts are to promote news pieces and provide a place for people to discuss them or share additional tips for people who are interested in taking part in WoW Classic. I’ve mentioned before we’d be making these regularly until our new system is in place and they auto-create for us.

In the meantime, constructive criticism is always welcome and regularly read, it’s just best to do it on the most relevant threads. Thanks ahead of time to those sharing their additions to our own resource list. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the post. Any chance we could get a classic class forum section along with the realm forums?

you got a 24/7 alliance loosing AV stream?
or do I just solo que for that myself.


You should form a group with your friends and join WSG. AV is not the answer.

constructive criticism is always welcome

Evidently not.


We don’t take kindly to streamers round here.
Your streamer/advertisers are why pvp servers were packed with people who had no intentions of pvp. All of that crying (which continues today) from P2 is because of streamers. All that imbalance? They could have used their platforms to encourage and organize balance. Nope. All they cared about were views.
The horde is stacked because they promoted “OP Horde racials” as Iwin buttons and “The real Vanilla experience is on pvp servers”.
Naw. Keep your streamers and your doughnut.


Watch out, the mods are oversensitive when you act hostile towards a blue.

My post was deleted when I laughed about this part


Five day vacation.


Careful! You’re not allowed to discuss disciplinary actions… even if those actions are extremely hypocritical.


I’m just saying we all need a vacation.

(The responses to my tickets were hilariously bad.)


Wheres the census data??!!? That’s what we really care for!

oh hey nethaera is back
i remember her during the read id fiasco some years back, she handled it all very professionally

Are you sure about that?


This thread had a LOT of criticism about that particularly tone-deaf comment. I can’t find any of it anymore.

That’s definitely not hostile. Should have been here for the great streamer spam war back in 18’.
Whole forum was hostile because streamer thralls were spamming the forums spreading streamer gospel.
Well look at how that’s worked out. Stacked and unbalanced servers but hey blizz got free advertising. The streamers got paid and the players got the shaft.
Naw. I’m good on the doughnuts and metas.

Honestly I didn’t think they would even post a free advertisement for streamers here. The Classic community has not been kind to streamers or their promoters.
Blizz just reinforcing the doughnut. Just nod and say you’re buying shadowlands. Lol.

What did you expect to go back in time? Because not even a clone is the same

I don’t think you understand what you’re commenting about.