[News] World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands News Round-Up

The return of so many abilities long lost.

… the devs can keep going with that idea, if they want. Presences would be nice for the Death Knight and a lot of Fury Warriors would appreciate being included in the whole, “return of weapon options” thing a lot of specs. are new celebrating.


Hopefully i’m wrong, but I don’t feel the vibes on this one. I see a mess with “picking” the right/wrong convenent, with no way to change sides easily. Just more grinding and chasing of the carrot, in the end I guess that what’s a MMO should be, all the rest of them are.


I was wondering if possible that paladins//survival can dual wield one handed weapons. I always thought that would be wild. kind mix it up a bit.

Here some thoughts on survival new abilities.
Cunning: a melee strike that hits vital organ.
Quick: range ability that slows the enemydown
One with animal: Allows hunter to take on the animal he has summon special ability.
Pursue; Marks a enemy to track them for a limited time.

Demon hunter
Talon: a bleed effect strike
Lash: Mid range fiery whip
Fel kick: Fast low kick design to reduce armour.
You could also do a third spec: Instead of fel demon have it make pack/merger with imp or succubus. I have tons of spells and idea for this one.

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Just release the Alpha out for testing already. Resist using it as a train to hype up your dead-in-the-water live product because we all know it’s actually going to stay that way for months and months, and months.
You could’ve just released a full overview but now it’s Wednesday and you’re obviously steamin’ that hype train along by releasing bit by bit.

Let’s accept that half the invites will be completely wasted on press people who’ll play it once and that’s it. What matters is people like Preach and others who will ACTUALLY test out this early version of the game.

Oh and it’ll be nice to see it being played. Oh yes back to my hype point, it’s kind of pointless because almost no one will be getting access to anything here, so isn’t the result of all this going to be anti-climax? Well, I suppose a few people will have resubbed.


Not Revendreth. I’d rather have sparkly vampires than ugly Nosferatu.

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Everyone: Talking about some of the cool new covenant abilities, or the very hype class changes, or the swolekins.

Me, an intellectual: Oh my god the buff bat people have beards

(excited for class changes and those beautiful non-vampire Venthyr)


I did, because people often don’t notice new posts on our own site even if they get disseminated on fansites as soon as they are posted. We also closed comments on the blogs and are moving to comments being in the forums, and thus, I post the news article with a dedicated thread for people to talk on. :wink:


Regarding the post, I am looking forward to doing BG groups with friends, gearing up, getting max conquest gear n feeling accomplished, pushing some rated pvp if i feel like it, then re-doing the above on an alt or 2… my old ways before removing pvp vendors and switching honor/conquest system up


Kael’thas Sunstrider not being a bad guy that we defeat is my all time favourite :+1:.

Also, I hope the dev team has learned what works, and what doesn’t work, that the whole game will be a lot more interesting to play now.

I’m glad PVP players will finally get what they have been wanting for ages.

I’m apprehensive as well, because things can still not work in reality. I hope that is a a very fun game though :heart:.

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Mostly looking forward to “how” we get to Shadowlands. I hope it is not done in the way “we” ended N’Zoth. I would love to see: Letter, or a earthen Dwarf running through Boralus’ Tradewind Market, “Champion! The Speaker and Mother need to speak to you Immediately! Meet them In the Heart Chamber, it is of grave Importance.
We make our way to the chamber. On arrival Magni explains that there has been an “incident” In Northrend. We accept the Quest: Investigate Ice Crown. When we accept the quest we go into a scenerio que. We get ported to Ice Crown Citadel. The Litch King greets us and we are met with 30 random players in a (Lordaron style) battle with undead and scourge battling alonside the Litch King, against Sylvanas. We fail, we die but somthing is “not right”…
We are shown flashbacks of epic battles thoughout the players life on Azeroth, (mainly Chromi fast-forwards us through All Expacs Cinamatics) When we get to the Argus battle, Sargeras has a brief interaction with Illidan and the Pantheon, He explains his actions, MAINLY “WHY” he did what he did.
Argus has a dialogue with the player and tells us, “you are not dead as a mortal dies, the sleeping titan, Azeroth has a final gift for you” He strikes the player with his scythe and we go into Darkness.
Our hearing remains, we hear the most beautiful voice, almost a chimed ring to “Her” tone. She explains: My child, you have given so much of you, more than could ever be desired from anyone in My defense. You have endlessly sacrificed Everything for My children, creations both beast and flora. Mainly, all that make their home here. We see both Horde and Alliance players. Sargeras” my Love, Sargeras interrupts, “I failed, and had to do what I did with my Sword hoping the Champions would figure out a way to, (tears fall from Sargeras), to find a way to help, and they did with the precious blood of yours I spilled. Please forgive me” Sargeras makes a ethereal entrance and the player’s eyes gain clear focus of once shaded figures.
Magni, and the most beautiful female figure appears but now they are with the player in a field in the center of the most recognizable Emerald Dream. Sargeras takes her hand, She says to him, “You, fell through me and I gazed upon you and understood. You are forgiven” She walks to the Champion, “My child, (reaching for the Necklace we wear) “I need you again”. The sacrifices you have given, I thank you” Azeroth bows to the player. “This gift you bear , is more a sentence, a sentence of death” “Not a death you know , but a Death required to prepare you for what lies before you.” She bends and kisses the Champion on the forehead and removes the necklace.
She beckons Magni, he acknowledges her, She turns and sings a sweet song. The entire Pantheon, including Illidan arrive in view, Kadgar arrives, Jaina, Thrall to name a few arrive as well. (Devs add whoever lore would deem needed) They began channeling. Azeroth says: " Balance is needed Champion, stand before Argus," Argus states: 'You will not feel anything, as a gift" The heart begins to emit a great radiance, Argus swings his scythe and a distant view shows the death of Our Champion and the effect destroys the Sword in Silithus.
We are awakened transcending through the sky over Azeroth, over the sea to Northrend, to the Ice Crown Citadel once again and Up to the darkness of the Maw of Shadowlands. It begins. “Awesome cut scene here”
That is the most anticipated feature I would like to see, “HOW WE GET TO THE SHADOWLANDS” That is what I would like.


straight out the gate i love the amount of blue posts going out to test feedback.
The curses coming back is very nice touch although, i would like meta back… or green fire spells for demo>>


what aspect of the xpac am i looking forward to most? the release date!


I don’t think Blizz will read your storybook above but maybe

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Can we get a post about the tower? I really want to know about the tower.

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I know im bringing up old stuff but… PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL HOLINESS…bring a ranged light dps class or spec or something please?

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Necromancer class plz.

DKs are not death magic casters. They wear plate armor and arthas was only more powerful than Kel’thuzad after he merged with the lich king. They’re just death-magic tourists.

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2 handed enhance? Gnome paladins? :rofl:

I’d say I’m most looking forward to the new leveling experience. I’ve never leveled a hunter or a rogue, and I’m also planning on doing like thematic leveling :smiley:

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I just want to put my suggestion on something i want to see back in the game. Tier Sets. Tier gear was one of the best things you could see drop. Now that titan forging and all that is gone it would be a good time to come back with tier set bonus gear.


So far so good. I really looking forward to the class changes. Looks like Blizzard is finally listening and acting on its community wishes. I am very pleased. I hope they continue to build upon this trust. In all aspects of the game.

Looking forward to the transmogs and in depth detail of the covenants in the next few weeks. Going to be fun watching streamers head into the Alpha & Beta. POGGERS GJ so far Blizzard! :slight_smile:

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Most likely the storyline in Revendreth.

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