[News] World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands News Round-Up

Not a big fan of the post that leads to another post. Wowhead does this enough, and now you guys are doing it too.

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I’m looking forward to taking my time and running my small army of characters through all the covenants for all the transmog sets.

Also I’m praying for some good looking mail armor as I’m not a fan of what’s currently in game.

none really. just waiting on how badly frost mages and shadow priests are going to get nerfed again (Burning crusade nerf level is expected)


Eyes of the Beast…YEAHBOI!! ive missed that ability just for the fun of it. and Im looking forward to getting auras back for my pally, especially crusader! pallies are too slow these days

2H frost dk puts DK back on the menu in a way that isn’t just like three day old left overs


All in good time.

As for the other, sadly, I don’t have control over the system. All I can do is work with it. And if I don’t share the link to our article, someone else will share the link to a site not our own. We like gauging viewership the same as anyone else. It means we can keep providing what we do regularly.

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I read it (harder to do without paragraph breaks.) I can’t answer to the specific post though. Some things will have to be seen and learned along the way.


The most important one, the class changes. Hoping to see some talent calculators soon :relaxed:

Oh, and PVP vendors of course. Can’t wait to have some control over my gear and support my alts via PVP again!


Hyped for Demon Hunters to finally get their version of zen flight, but with their wings… oh wait…

I hope we will see the return of pvp vendors. Also would like to see changes to the current human racial ability. At the current state it’s almost unusable


Everything except the Level Squish. Worst idea ever. Everything planned can be accomplished without taking away 70 levels.


I’m super exited for Shadowlands! This new starting zone should really help my knowledge of the game, and I am totally digging the Ardenweald thing.

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There better be tier sets, or class specific armor sets. That’s all I have to say.


Can we stop renting powers each expansion?


Witnessing the end of Sylvanas.
Although… the cloak transmogs are nice.

I’m always excited about expansions! I’m a little worried about the impact to my affliction warlock with the class changes, but I’ll roll with it! I’m looking forward to exploring Bastion.

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They are just bringing back skills that they stripped classes of in the past.

uhhh mages and shadow priests are light ranged dps…

Shadow priests. Light.

Pick one.

please for the love of god bring back pvp vendors for shadow lands!! i wanna be able to pick my own gear that i worked hard for the points and not just arena gear vendors. im kinda tired of getting random possible gear you can get at the end of each bg thats underrated and just trash to sell.