[News] Visions of N’Zoth Season 4 Content Update Notes

The official update notes for the January 21, 2020 Battle for Azeroth Season 4 update have arrived.

Read them here.

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New raid? Eh I’ll only do it for a staff or some rings, also still no pvp vendors.


“Ulmath the Soulbinder”

oh no


For Heroic Darkshore, does this mean that we have the potential to fill the bar “too early”, say Sunday or Monday of this week just before the reset, and have to wait an entire Warfront cycle to be able to actually do the Heroic version? Or will it be available for us?
(edit): Not available to queue for as of the bar filling on 1/18. Would like to hope we’ll get some access to the Heroic Warfront gear with the reset, but I imagine we’re going to get the usual.


In these notes it is saying our keys will drop “an additional 4 levels” does that mean they are dropping 4 levels or 5 levels? (1+4) In the prior notes it had said keys would be dropping 4 levels at the start of 4, so I know myself and many others are doing 19s!
For Season 3 it said an additional 3 levels.
Thanks in advance for the answer :slight_smile:


Did you guys hot fix Warglaives of Azzinoth to be used by rogues yet? That should be top priority around here…

you’ll never get them, it’s demon hunter weapon. /laugh

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Thanks Nethaera!

Any word on compensation for those affected by the Visions loot-less chests? Intended or bug?

Any official word on the bans going around?

Is there any bug-fixes or this is content update only?
RAM-leak issue is still not solved?

This is all stuff we already have in our game clients. They’re just turning on the switch with next Tuesday maintenance.

“Mythic Keystone dungeons at +7 or higher difficulty now award end-of-run items that scale up to item level 465 at Mythic +15 difficulty.”

This reads to me as “Mythic+2-6 drop the same rewards as normal mythic dungeons.”

Or to me it says “+6 and below no longer drop loot.”

What is this trying to say? That bullet point is extremely awkward to me.

It says +15 drops 465 at the end but what is it saying by including +7 specifically?

Not mad just confused :slight_smile:

We’ll post about hotfixes as they happen. I can’t comment on the issue you mention specifically though right now.

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That was added in here in error. It’s been removed since Ulmath was introduced with Rise of Aszhara. Sorry for the confusion.

Is it known if the essences from Horrific Visions will be treated like the M+ and EP essences? The ones where you collect multiple little fragments to forge them into an essence?

I cleared a side in a vision and received one essence fragment. When I mouse over the essence piece, the name of the essence it creates shows the tank essence and did not change depending on my specc/loot specc.

The M+/EP essence fragments allowed you to create whichever essence you wanted, depending on your specc. Hoping this is the same since it wants me to collect 45 of them! :slight_smile:

Can you clarify how M+ key decay will work via the comments of this Wowhead article?


Is S4 not “officially” started? The notes state that Normal Dungeons, Heroics, and +0 Mythic Dungeons would have their ilv increased by 30? Still shows/drops 385 in Heroic Dungeons.

Yes, those changes will happen this tuesday. As of now it’s still mythic season 3 rewards/difficulty.

Heroic Darkshore is available in Boralus today on the table, but there is no loot shown for heroic (only for regular). I would like clarity on what is going on with this. Is the showing of Heroic premature and an error, or is the error in not showing the loot?

Honestly I hate almost everything about this patch so far, nothing but a gate grind of lack luster mechanics. I have to say 100% honestly the horrific visions is the worst thing forced on the player base to date. "Hey guys we got a great Idea lets make them farm for an entire week to do a few visions a week, but here is the best part we are gonna make it super easy for them to fail and when they do they get nothing! They wasted all that play time for nothing! Worst mechanics and worst feeling I have ever had planing this game. So far 0 concerns from the players about this have been addressed, they rushed this out before it was ready and it shows with everything that has happened since 8.3 release. Blizzard I pay for this game monthly get you act together.