[NEWS] Shadowlands Preview: Revendreth and the Venthyr Covenant

I see enough of an issue with the vampiric forces looking like the Skrull that Disney legal might challenge this. In fact, the featured character looks like an exact grab of Ben Mendelsohn’s Commander Talos, so much so that when I saw the close up I immediately thought of and saw purple Talos. I thought Ben might have come in to Activision and done some CGI work for the game, the way William Shanter, Mr T and others…cough Ozzy…have done in the past.

Sinstones? I will not be judged by these flying rats.

Let me kill them all.


Love the armor sets! Especially that the cloth set now is a robe rather than pants.

HOWEVER, the colors seem to be different for both the cloth and leather. Does this mean you have color options? Personally like the gold & red look better.

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That is what I am saying

Is it just me or does Revendreth look like a shined-up version of Aetha from “Primal”

The Venthyr have to be an allied race. I have never wanted to play a race so much in this game and I’ve played it since open beta.


really not sold on those wings for the cloth set… like don’t get me wrong, I love me some winged armor, but that just looks… bad… like bad enough that i’m actually second guessing my choice to go with venthyr (which had been my original plan basically since they first announced it)

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Sin stones…
knowing my characters they’ll either be the size of a magic 8 ball or a nuclear reactor.
Either way Blizzard you have my attention.


“When players reach maximum level and have explored the first four zones, they’ll be able to pledge themselves to a Covenant, like the Venthyr”

Can this be made a bit more clear? “They WILL have” to pledge…

Another “Pigeon Hole” to push players through.
This is absolutely orgasmically great for the Vampire wannabes out there, but just another grind and substance lacking expansion to the reset.

In order to play this you don’t get to really choose , you HAVE to do “X”, then “Y” and finally “Z”, And by the time you reach “Z”. You will have completed 90% of the content and have nothing to do but Raid Grind for gear.

Lore/story is sounding bland so far.
Tradeskills and Crafting will be made even MORE useless.

I do say, the esthetics and imagery so far seem to be nice.

I am not a big fan of the Vampire genre. Its been romanticized way too much and I particularly don’t like being essentially “FORCED” to choose a “Covenant” in order to play this expansion.


It doesn’t look like anything to me.


It looks great to me, that’s what it looks like.


Looks amazing! Can’t wait! I love the vampire theme!!!


A little disappointing in the PC armor. I look at the npc’s they look like that classic Gothic Victorian you expect of vampires and their ilk dark grey blacks and crimsons silken smooth form fitting look. Then you have the pc’s armor and looks, just looks so- disjointed what comes to instant mind when I looked at it was - goofy. Reminded me what you would see like skelletor would be wearing in Saturday night cartoon. I like the look and flow of the leather but that about it, plate is in my opion worse offender of those shown.

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Do you know anything about art? It’s based and inspired of nosferatu the vampyre… First movie in 1922 and the remake in 1979… real vampire stuff… you know… It has nothing to do with this ‘‘Disney’’ or teenager stuff you’re talking about and surely wasn’t inspired of it.

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Wow, pretty cool.

Reminds me a lot of the Skyrim vampire stuff.

That little dude, with the wine tray/whatever, should be a pet guy we can get :wink:

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I like this covenant. They did a good job designing the Venthyr and Revendreth. The armor set are okay, not my choice of designs.

I do hope the Venthyr becomes an ally race for the Horde. So we can have Werewolves vs Vampires.


Agree but I love the boots that look like they have clawed toes. That’s about it for me.

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Schoonover won’t be the only one everywhere. That’s all that matters. I’m going to have to make our 10th year one for the ages. Wuahaha Wuahaha WUAHAHAHHAHAHA . 76669

I’m not going to lie all the new gear looks like complete garbage except the cloth like usual. who is doing the gear design and can they be fired? all they do is make re colors of old content. I actually used to be really excited to see all the new gear and tier sets but for the last few years you guys have gone downhill and just don’t put in the effort anymore. the covenant sounds awesome but the xmog and gear so far 0/10 whoever did those should be fired

Looks great, please add skinny Kultiran human models Blizzard!