[News] Shadowlands: A Look at Covenant Class and Signature Abilities *Updated 5/13

In Shadowlands, players will ally with one of four Covenants, each granting unique powers, abilities, and other benefits to aid them on their dangerous journey through the realms of death.

Learn more about them in our article.


Excellent! Thanks for the update. I’m excited to try these out!


Ay let’s go. “Throw a Kyrian spear at the target location, dealing Arcane damage instantly, dealing additional damage over time, and generating Rage.”

“Condemn a foe to suffer for their sins, causing Shadow damage. Only usable on enemies who are above 80% health or below 20% health.”
MORE EXECUTE - For pvp/pve?

“Reactivating this ability plants the banner in the ground, granting an increased amount of maximum health and additional attack speed to you and your allies within range of the banner. Lasts additional time per Glory, up to a maximum amount.”
Why would I help my fellow players? Not a healer - Tank ability!


So many nifty things! I’m particularly excited for Convoke the Spirits hopefully will be renamed Druidsplosion and all the animations will overlap in a glorious mess. Also excited for Deathborne hopefully it has a nice model associated with it. Good stuff.


I like the unique abilities. I do not like that you have to choose your covenant based on abilities. Some of these are clearly pvp vs pve…and you are going to be gimped with less abilities in the area you didn’t pick a covenant for.


As a priest I’m planning to choose Bastion just because I like how they look and plan to be real upset if the abilities aren’t as good as the other covenants.


Please oh please oh please do not enable these in end-game or instanced content. Treat them like PvP talents or something. Either that or make it relatively easy to switch our covenant. Otherwise it will feel very, very bad to select one covenant only to find out it’s the worst one for our spec/class in a raid, m+ scenario, or Torghast. I don’t want to select a covenant bc it’s the “best” one, I want to select one because I like it best. But in raiding, m+, etc., there will always be a best one.


One of those druid ones reads like a 4 second channeled lunar bazooka.


Well with the return of PvP Vendors my main will likely change back to my priest so everything is up in the air at this time.

I am so happy to have this issue, I get the feeling that SL is going to be amazing!

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Instantly cast Holy Shock , Avenger’s Shield , or Judgment on several targets within range (based on your current specialization).

already nerfed down to “several targets” instead of “all targets”


no godly aoe avengers shield fun I guess.


The ONLY problem i have with these is that they are locked into covenants this is BAD. There needs to be a way to be able to change abilities. one will always be better than the other. especially for warriors


Venthyr signature ability is basically just a shadowstep. Sounds lackluster compared to the others.

Can we move the DH root to something other than Night Fae?


Man, this is exactly what I was hoping not to see for Covenants.

Fingers crossed that Blizzard is willing to listen to feedback on these.


Ooo I think this solidifies Night Fae for my foxy shaman’s covenant of choice.

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Looks interesting, hopefully the respec cost on these won’t be crazy like azerite. They will need to eb and flow with the nerfs and buffs as balancing these is going to be… interesting.

you’d be better off just adding flavor abilities and giving up on the borrowed power systems of legion and bfa.


That paladan esque covenant with the blue mog wings is my future home

I don’t want to choose my Covenant based on the skill they provide, but by which one I want to join. Right now people will choose based on the skill, not because they actually want to be that Covenant, bad bad bad bad bad choice.

Hunter’s have a choice between a PVP one, a Single target one, and an AoE one, basically what Covenant they choose greatly changes their dps.

This will hurt the expansion hard and will be complained about ALL expansion till you eventually change it.


Oh man, I already intended to go Necrolord, because Sosho here dabbles in necromancy ICly.
Going skeletal mage for a bit? I’m for it.


kinda confused why the kyrian covenant abilities all deal arcane damage, they’re angels, wouldn’t holy damage make a lot more sense thematically?


You aren’t being forced, pick the one you like the most. People need to stop complaining.