[News] Meet Me at the Darkmoon Faire!

The Darkmoon Faire returns this Sunday, February 2 with the addition of the Darkmoon Arcade.

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Darkmoon Arcade probably had a better version of WC3 than Reforged.

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Well, I really wanted the Arcane Rune game on a toy… but this’ll do for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo this is the kind of stuff that should have rewards. Not a 40-hour spawn rare with a 0.2% drop mount.

I’m surprised the DMF didn’t get outed in 8.3 as being somehow linked to N’Zoth.

How’s about a claw game that can drop random toys or consumables?

Like the Arcade sounds fun but there isn’t anything carrot tied to this stick?

The announcement (and the web goof) got me interested. Maybe after the Super Bowl.

I flagged a spot and then later stepped on it and died…
Not really worth that to play mine sweeper in wow.