[News] Join the Celebration and Honor the Elders During Lunar Festival!

Your Lunar Festival invitation awaits! Join the celebration January 24 through February 7.

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Will there be cookies?

Of course! FREE COOKIES! :cookie:

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Don’t forget that there will be quests for 4 versions of the crowns, "year around. "

Complete the Lunar Preservation quest series to make flower crowns transmoggable throughout the year - Crown of Eternal Memorial, Crown of Infinite Prosperity, Crown of Boundless Courage, ! Crown of Everlasting Fortune

That is the most important part! :wink:

(Boy, that was laborious without being able to post images; had to edit out the icons for “zam gaming” links, even though it lets me post wowhead links otherwise.)


Thank you so much for adding this quest! I’ve often said questlines for transmogs would be great. Keep it coming!

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I heard something about cookies?

Thanks for making the flower crowns moggable all year around. Could you guys maybe, i don’t know, do that with the rest of holiday transmogs please? :slight_smile:

It would make me very happy.