[News] Exalt in the Impressive Influence 100% Bonus Reputation Buff: April 20 – May 18

Fantastic! Now also extend the XP buff with it.


Only legion and bfa reputations?



More rep is nice, definitely. And while I wish the bonus xp would be extended, I’m not too upset over that ending. But this bonus rep excluding the 8.3 stuff doesn’t make sense. Don’t get me wrong, for folks coming back or still working on Pathfinder, its fantastic. It just seems silly to not include Rajani or Uldum Accord. Much less, all reps.

This would be a great time to work on old reps across the game. Why limit it so much? Oh well. guess I’ll just keep doing Emissaries when they offer gold or gear and ignore the rest per usual. :stuck_out_tongue:


*Bonus excludes Rajani and Uldum Accord reputation.

LMFAO. Pigs.


My guess is to keep some time played metrics


While the experience buff, Winds of Wisdom, will be ending on April 20, the new 100% reputation buff, Impressive Influence, will be running all the way until May 18th.


*Bonus excludes Rajani and Uldum Accord reputation

The only reason I’d do it.


Please, please, pleaaase also keep the EXP buff. Leveling my allied races is the only thing keeping me sane after working in the public all day ><. I think the rep buff is a great idea(unfortunately i don’t need it though).


Will this stack with World Quest Bonus Event? For a total of 150%?

This question is very important!


Only Legion and BFA reps though? I can understand the lockout of Rajani and Uldum Accord but whats it going to hurt to extend that to older reps? Like us that would like to get that 100 rep unicorn lol


Excludes the only two factions in legion or BFA that I do not have exalted. I guess I will let my account lapse after the 20th then. Been a fun month of leveling!

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This ain’t it.

EXP buff extension instead.


This will greatly increase the amount of raw gold gained from doing WQs!

Thanks for the boost!

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Considering the next world quest bonus event starts on May 19, the day after this event ends, I’m gonna say no :wink:


Thank you for this but honestly, I ended legion with 11 characters exalted with all factions (thank goodness for boa rep tokens, and easy emissaries). They’ve since buffed rep for legion reps to get allied races quicker. So I honestly got to ask, at this point how much more help do people need with getting allied races for legion? Sad how this doesn’t include the 8.3 zone reps.

However thank you for this. Will make my recent goal at trying to get exalted for all on all characters easier. And will definitely, use this to get that the paragon mount from the ankoan; and grind out rep on my horde paladin.

Ok so the exp buff is indeed going away. Will dedicate alot more this weekend on leveling ARs.

Yeah, I just saw it. Boy this company is scummy.


Just wanted to drop in and say Thank you for the exp buff, that was great and it was much appreciated !

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This is expected but disappointed. Please continue 100% bonus exp as well. I’ve had so much enjoyment from leveling alts this past month. I like giving people who need Legion and BFA reps still but I have everything exalted and most rewards. I’m not even leveling alts for a specific endgame goal. It’s just fun playing World of Warcraft. I’ve even gotten several friends into the game! Please, please reconsider this and add 100% experience buff as well!


Maybe I’ll actually get flying cause the Mechagon and Nazjartar reps are bad design.