[News] Death Knights for All Races Preview

That Pandaren DK is adorable. :smile:


I like how this page implies Pandaren have Heritage Armor and doesn’t answer if AR DKs unlock Heritage Armor lol.

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I’d hope not. Definitely not selling me a pre-order bud.

Would sell me better if you said it was going to be nothing like BfA.

Just threw up a little, gross pandas touching the Acherus. Can’t wait to slaughter each one I see.


Suffer well young acolytes.


Don’t slaughter them all the way. We’ll probably need them for something.

At least pandas are better than Gnomes and junker gnomes… ugh…


I’m a little disappointed that none of the allied race DKs seem to have any additional skin customization options. I hope those are considered for the future, it just doesn’t feel right to play a death knight without the white/green/black skintones and extra frostbite/decay features that all the former races had.


At least they are better than trolls ew.

It would’ve been wonderful to see things like Dark Iron Dwarves having blue flames or LFD tattoos glowing blue instead.


Dont get me started on this topic of all topics… nothing is worse than gnomes, especially melee gnomes… ugh…


Well, this should be interesting.

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Positive Criticism, the new eyes look absolutely stunning and a major improvement over the outdated headlight particles and its great to see DK’s finally get some love and be able to play Pandaren or the new AR’s.

Negative Criticism, sooooooooo the Four Horsemen are clearly at ICC with Bolvar… Where were they when Sylvanas attacked, union sanctioned break? Seriously, this reinforces one of the gripes I had with the Shadowlands intro cinematic which was how absurd the whole fight was as well as Bolvar lacking proper protection. Clearly they are at ICC, where were they when Sylvanas attacked? Why did Bolvar ONLY have jobber undead protecting him? Where were his more elite forces?


They could’ve at least changed the color of the ring around DI dwarf eyes. It just looks like they’re wearing bright orange eyeliner.

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Oh man I totally forgot about that.

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All logic and reason in lore are forgotten when it comes to Sylvanas. It’s nothing new.


Probably because the four horsemen only work with him when they feel the need too. Like Darion said in legion we will help him for now but he is not in charge


It matters not. We’re gonna put that jumped up battle pet where she belongs.

looks down at the gound

Do they still start at lvl 55? That’s a nice jump for Heritage armor…

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The Ebon Blade is there raising new acolytes specifically because Bolvar knows that Sylvanas is coming for the Helm. We already know that from Blizzcon statements.

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