New/returning players! Need all of the help!

Hi everyone! My wife and I just started wow again after a long time! I haven’t played since mists of pandaria and she hasn’t played since lich king!

There are sooooo many changes and we both started over fresh on brand new accounts! I feel like I don’t even know where to begin and feel overwhelmed! I have over a million questions but don’t even know a list! I was wondering if anyone could just comment literally ANYTHING they find useful information for new people starting out! I feel like I need to know basically everything so anything useful will do! Thank you so much!

If you have started brand new characters you should be able to start in the Exile’s Reach. Follow the questline to level 10ish then that should take you to Stormwind. You can do a tour of Stormwind or skip it. Eventually you should have an option to talk to Chromie , which allows you to choose a timeline or expansion to level in. Choose an expansion you want to level in (Warlords of Draenor and Legion are my preferred). After you finish leveling up in your choice of expansion eventually you’ll go to the Dragonlands where you’ll finish leveling up to max level. You can switch timelines (expansions) if you want if you decide you dont like your choice.

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Might also want to make a note… if you and your SO are wanting to play together? and quest together make sure you are picking the same Expansion from Chromie. You’ll be phased if you choose different expansions and head out in the world outside of stormwind! (warmode also does this)

One thing I can think to mention is if there is an allied race you SO or you like that all you have to do now is get to lvl 40. Then go talk to the person at your embassy and they will give you a quest to do that once finished will let you play as that race. Once unlocked you can use them as soon as you like and they start at lvl 10 and do not have a tutorial area and generally for them it’s meet leader of race, go to embassy talk to person there, then chromie, then rep of your race generally by chromie. Then just head to wherever it tells you to for timeline or expansion you picked

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