Newcomer to the quiet corner

Hi everybody,

I’ve decided to give Ravenholdt a try. Moon Guard and Wyrmrest are just too crowded, I briefly peeked into Emerald Dream but I really am interested in a quiet, low pop server with a friendly (if small) community. I am basically a WOW noob, I think I’ve leveled every race and class to at least 10, and while there are several that I’ve enjoyed, I haven’t yet found the right group to enjoy the game with.

I’m 40, female, in grad school, and I mostly play late nights. I’ll be leveling on RH/TN, but /who tells me there are others leveling, too. Right now I’m working on a goblin warlock and enjoying it a great deal, but I also like to heal so I’ll likely have a priest eventually. Not married to horde or alliance just yet, depends largely on who I encounter out here.

I’m looking for a guild to adventure with and learn the game, really. I’ve never had a character higher than 40 or so, I don’t know the dungeons (I’ve only run two, ever), and I know nothing about M+ or raids or anything else. Still, I enjoy the game, as long as I can find a quiet corner of the community to live in, and I plan to pick up BfA while it’s on sale.

RP is great, but I am not a heavy RPer anymore (I don’t have time) so I’m down for light/casual RP at best. This mostly translates to being IC while questing, rather than devoting time to tavern RP or character storylines. This could change, depending on my schedule and the quality of the RP, but right now that’s where I am.

This post ended up being longer than intended, so I’ll wrap up. Hello, Ravenholdt/Twisting Nether, I’m home(?)!


Welcome to the realm!

I too dipped my toes in Emerald Dream to see what the hype of a heavy population was about. While it was nice to see a lot of activity, I found it nicer to play with the community I’ve known for years.

I’m not sure how many folks frequent the forums, or how many leveling guilds are out there now days, but Nephilim’s a guild that’s existed essentially since the launch of the Ravenholdt server. It’s a good guild to join, or squat in until you find a leveling guild.

Feel free to contact anyone in the guild for an invite.

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Hello, I am also looking for a guild invite. I’m on Ravenholdt.

I leveled up on Earthen Ring, Farstriders and Blackwater Raiders back in the day but the game has changed too much and I’m looking to experience it on new characters. I haven’t bought the expansion but I probably will once I can get it for about $20.
I’ve got Mariko, my level 19 Pandaren Monk and Caedra, my Blood Elf Mage. I’m very casual and I like the quiet atmosphere of Ravenholdt.


Nephilim welcomes everyone. :slight_smile: