New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open - September 4

A breakdown on how-to can be found here:

Can you guys give us a window for when servers transfers are ending?

I have several characters on Stalagg.
Heartseeker appears offline. 8:47 PM Eastern, after sitting in a 3-hour queue for Stalagg, we want to transfer!!
I got all my guildies ready to transfer, but the server is down 2 hours after you said it was up. We’re all freaking out over here, what is going on?

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I swear if I transfer onto a different server and it has any queues at all, I’m going to lose it. How many realms where there on name reservation? How many are there now? How many will we end up with? How many people have already left because of the issue? How can you mess something up so badly?

Merged servers were the worst thing that could happen? Not 20+k queues? Not having to do free server transfers 1 week in? Potential, theoretical server mergers that may never even happen… THAT was the worst case scenario?


frig, hopefully soon its 914pm my time… - do you mind pinging me on here with a reply if you notice heartseeker come up? i could do the same for you and anyone else if yas wish


Uhh… I don’t see that option for me on whitemane.

I’ll try to? No guarantees though.

I don’t know when they’ll open up transfers on additional realms. I might not be up either.

You can … all you want, I don’t see the option. I’m on whitemane.

Now, watch as hardly anyone moves lol.


i doubt thats the case tbh, probably why were still see Arcanite Reaper / Hearseeker as created but offline, the transfer queu is probably enormous


The fact that they haven’t opened up transfers on additional realms suggests the system is already overloaded with Herod/Skeram transfers.


Freedom from Faerlina is so close and yet so far…


I cant read apparently lol. Tyvm

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just another evening, with another battle with another queueu :frowning: #classic


Possibly the last one we have to worry about for a while. I’m excited to see you on heartseeker!

T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-TODAY BLIZZARD.

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Hello Earthfury

Kaivax still batting 1.000