New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open - September 4

thats 100% the risk… noone can confirm how this will all playout - im risking it! [onto heartseeker]

Is there a deadline?

Would I troll?


ya’ll releasing the servers or what? It’s been an hour. Only Earthfury is up.

i was fairly confident it would happen on the hour but… thats not come n gone lol

Probably open through the weekend?

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If I had to guess, they’re probably keeping an eye on the transfer system and seeing how overloaded it is.

Once the Herod/Skeram rush goes down, they’ll open it up again.

Wait… what?!

There is a separate blue post outlining the details. Like have your mailbox empty etc before you can xfer.

Hello Kaivax,

Is there a chance there will be transfers possible from pacific to eastern servers at some point ( either free or paid ) ?

I ask because a few friends I signed up with wanted to play on a pacific server but have since quit. I would like to transfer eventually to an eastern pvp server as my location is eastern

Thank you,


I just tested it transferring a level 1 character to earthfury. Once my character arrived I could create new characters so I am sure some players already have stockpiled good names for resale.

I was worried about that so it’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to transfer.


Here’s another question unanswered if we TRANSFER to Earthfury and then they open up the server and it starts getting NEW PLAYERS that cause another QUEUE do the Transferred accounts get PRIORITY line access over new players rolling on the server?

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HOW DO I TRANSFER TO THE SERVER?! No information is given for the process!

Thanks a lot man!

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Log into Herod/Skeram.

There’s a new button that lets you migrate your toons to another realm.

I don’t know why people aren’t more upset that this issue would have been completely avoided if Blizzard read the forums prior to launch. This is because blizzard had no confidence in its own game and only released 10 servers when 20 were needed.

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A breakdown on how-to can be found here:

Can you guys give us a window for when servers transfers are ending?

I have several characters on Stalagg.
Heartseeker appears offline. 8:47 PM Eastern, after sitting in a 3-hour queue for Stalagg, we want to transfer!!
I got all my guildies ready to transfer, but the server is down 2 hours after you said it was up. We’re all freaking out over here, what is going on?

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I swear if I transfer onto a different server and it has any queues at all, I’m going to lose it. How many realms where there on name reservation? How many are there now? How many will we end up with? How many people have already left because of the issue? How can you mess something up so badly?

Merged servers were the worst thing that could happen? Not 20+k queues? Not having to do free server transfers 1 week in? Potential, theoretical server mergers that may never even happen… THAT was the worst case scenario?