New world tree : Amirdrassil

It’s pretty big but I’ll bet it’s not fully grown yet but close enough. But hey the PTR is online right now y’all can see it with your own two eyes once you set foot in the new zone.

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Sadly I cannot set fire to it yet.



Calm down arsonists. Parts of Nordrassil are still and possibly eternally burning up on Mount Hyjal from the never ending war with Cataclysm NPCs. Go take your marshmellows & skewers up there.
:mountain_snow: :deciduous_tree: :fire:


I feel like it was initially meant to be named “Ymirdrassil” but people kept saying it as “Amir” so they changed it to that.


Amirdrassil sounds like a type of anti bacterial cream

So medicated. Much relief.


“Why should I care? What have you Nightelfs ever done for Us Forsaken, ever? The feeling goes both ways.”
/wicked grin


I’m pretty sure we set up the worgen curse, which by turn of events gave you the City of Gilneas by proxy. But ya’ll can’t even go in and occupy and put up some proper curtains, while the night elves hosted the worgen mutts in Teldrassil. So, if they go repopulate that grand space with fur bodies, that’s on you. Couldn’t just occupy and put in a MASSIVE base of operations that could have helped fortify Lordaeron. You could have actually owned almost all the Northern Eastern Kingdoms up to and including the Arathi Highlands. But yer terrible strategists.

I say this as most of Darkshore, Ashenvale and Stonetalon are still upswept in battles on Kalimdor we cannot manage to settle either.

We’re both our own worst enemies :wink:

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“Well put.”

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Oooo I like how that sounds and looks, I will call it that now.

We can’t even see the ruins of Teldrassil and Darnasus as a raid or dungeon, and we have another stupid world tree due to the incompetence of the Nelfs.

He never seems to change and learn from your mistakes lately.

Someone’s Caravan got torched…

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It’s not raining it’s a meer drissel.

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That’s what Blizzard wants to do.


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Now now Cyndilou, don’t be like that. You know the Night Elves have done plenty for us. Just think of all the times they kept us from going hungry >;)

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Man…could they come up with a better name?

Sounds like a mis-name for a giant drill.

“True, but I actually prefer Long Pork, myself.”
/wicked giggle

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