New way of multiboxxing!

He’s horde so it’s fine.

Once upon a time I did not see a real problem with multiboxing. Yes, it could be irritating at times when they were boxing 2-3 characters but with the way nodes are it seriously screws up the economy in Wow from a seller perspective.
When it got to where you were having 10+ Characters being boxed at one time that was a bit extreme. Multiboxing has turned into a beast. In moderation I do not have a problem with it but there is no moderation with it.


if it’s not cheating why does he call them cheat keys.


tHeY nEeD tO bAn KeYbOaRd DrIvErS :crazy_face:

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and you still going to get the one shot

So basically the only multiboxers who stopped are the one runing dungeons.


It’s “G keys”

I only read a few posts at the beginning, and did not watch the video, but I felt I needed to pop in and point out that programmable macros for mice and keyboards still require software to work. Therefore, if the policy forbids “software” that can lead to one input command for many clients, then mice and keyboard macros are still violating that rule.

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Yes, exactly.

The clown show that is modern Bluzzard is a sight to behold. You’d only get results like this if you put a monkey in a spacecraft and told it to fly around the moon.

But when you put corporates in charge of running a game operation it’s no different than asking said monkey to fly said spacecraft around the moon.

Clown car.

It’s about a certain type of software. That macro software wasn’t included in this “ban”.

You realize opinions don’t matter when it comes to the text of the rule right?

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Isn’t there a minimum wow game size client rule?

I am sure that there is a size that you can not go under with window mode.

The use Keyboard and mouse macros that play multiple keystrokes have never been allowed. This is automation.

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What problem was the rule to address? Its not clear, just “negatively affected the game”, sorta, but it’s not clear what the “negative effect” was from Blizzs perspective. So, we have no basis to judge if this is breaking the spirit of the rule. We don’t know what Blizzards concern was to address.

I know the forums has a lot of opinions on what is affected, but Blizz has not stated their opinion

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The way I perceive this runs deeper than what had been written and somethings thoughts on the topic go off at tangents. If putting all the guessing aside and just focusing on that quote; negatively affected the game” would indicate that the input broadcasting paved the way to botting or semi-botting that causes disruption to be referred to as negatively affecting the game play of others.

Just to be clear we have never SUPPORTED multi-boxing, but it was allowed - still is matter of fact, just not in the way you may have been doing it. **You can still have as many licenses as you like online at a time, you just need to control them individually now

Pretty much spells it out… characters have to be individually controlled.

via hardware :slight_smile: so multiple PC boxxing :+1:

Most of the other uses of hardware violate the existing automation policies. Anything other than alt-tabbing and controlling a single character at a time, is extremely suspect and deserves to be banned outright. a simple single sentence from Blizzard would clarify the situation: one keystroke equals one action on one character.

Well they say no changes to the rules have been made regarding hardware, therefore if you could do it before you can still do it so all previous methods of hardware multiboxing are acceptable.

I agree further clarification would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Probably because using external macro software has already been banned.

I will admit, I have not been keeping 100% up with all the latest WoW rules and such, but I am confident external macro software was never allowed. I even distinctly remember a semi-famous Druid tank player that was infamously banned a while ago for using keyboard macros.

There is no reason to include a ban on macros for multiboxing when a ban on macro usage in general is already in effect.