New Trinkets in PvP

I more surprised this made to the pvp forums and arena to boot.

You sure you didn’t mean to post this to GD and this was an accident ?

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Well this is a nice change… Still though if love to be able to roll on them without a tank spec, you know just in case :joy:

Thank you Kaivax <3

Oof arms is dead in the water


You have the smoothest brain I’ve ever encountered my god man


you seem to get confused easily

maybe we can get a lossa patch notes reader for you

stop trolling


AH man! Warriors are so done! What will I do when my vers is 30% and have a 20% defense stance once im fully geared!


I’m only 20% vers on my warrior :frowning:

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Yeah unforch, horrible warriors who relied on urchin last season are dead. Bad warriors will still be fine


Don’t worry! With new 475ilvl gear you will be rocking 30-40% vers mid season!


Man I don’t want to be negative but this is too late. It’s awesome there are finally changes to these but a whole season went by without any nerfs. The Mechagon punch card heal also is missing from being nerfed. In addition to these tank trinkets there are other trinkets that are being misused with no changes. The Voodoo Doll trinket is actually usable by anyone, even melees, which is “next level” but I don’t think intended or should be intended at least. We really need role specific restrictions on the trinkets in addition to the nerfs. You shouldn’t be allowed to use the trinket if you’re not the right role. There were even Hpals using Sporepods.


Not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, but seems a little bit deceptive how newer tank items have the flat amount listed as -40, -30, -50 and the older items have the 30% effective type phrasing (-70).

Just seems like the newer tank stuff will still be better than PvP options. In season 2 prism was better than PvP options even at -80%. Some stuff like prism or pact spirit are just so overpowered even after insane nerfs to the point it makes you wonder how some stuff got created.

*Also worth mentioning:

  • hardmode mechagon red punchcard subroutine defragmentation not listed.
  • No healing trinket nerfs listed like voodoo totem.

this wont be nearly enough

these trinkets will break the game


Cut of death not on there either.


take a good look. these are the last pvp balance changes of the expansion!


this + crawg tusks

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Let’s be real we all know they ain’t gonna do any more changes for 6months and if they do it’ll be a random buff/nerf to a random ability that isn’t the problem, like 5% damage buff to drain life or something.


I guess you could say cut of death… missed the cut

I’ll take my leave now


Finally!!! I can stop running Underrot!

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Yeah I swear crawg tusks are disgusting but I never hear about it

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