New toon or some help choosing

Hi there.

Looking to learn/make up a new toon to celebrate my new MacBook lol.

Any suggestions on something that would be fun/decent or whatever? I have played druid, lock, hunter, priest a bit in DF but would be open to something fun and viable. (Mainly in world PVP.)

Doesn’t have to be an OP or FOTM, just looking for something fresh and enticing that won’t fall over too easy :slight_smile:

Thanks ahead of time!

Sounds like you need to try melee to shake things up. Ret paladins are great for self-sufficiency. And of course there’s always rogues.

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Yeah might try assassination. Thank you.

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I thnk you need something out of your comfort zone, like a warrior.

P.S paladins wanna be us but they aren’t us.

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If you go sub, you can do just about anything you want.:wink: