New to the game

Apparently being new to WoW isn’t something that many people are very friendly about. I’ve been playing for about a month now, and have yet to meet any people who are willing to help/explain/prepare one for the adventures to come.

Playing alone sucks, lets face it. So if there is anyone out there who is more than willing to show a new player the ropes, I’d appreciate it.


Feel free to ask any questions you have here. You’ll get real answers.

A lot of the time people forget that there are still new people. When you’ve been playing for up to 15.5 years, new is a very long time ago!

Welcome to Azeroth. :smiley:

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Many players are rushing to level alts as the 100% exp buff ends on 4/20. They also know every question can be answered with the huge amount of information online. Wowhead, you tube, icy veins class guides, are some good sites. That said, I like to answer questions when they ask in guild or zone chat.

The good news is there is a massive amount of group content at 120 and you can do it all with no friends or guild. I never feel alone even though I’m alone. There are queues for normal/heroic dungeons, LFR raids, warfronts, island expeditions.

There is a premade group finder to find groups for normal/heroic raids, mythic+ dungeons, heroic warfronts, world quests and bosses, zone assaults, etc. you can apply to 5 groups at a time. the BFA zones are packed on my server so when you are doing world quests there are always randoms around helping to kill mobs.

I just made a character on your server, (Lore-Zuluhed). If you have any questions just message me there. Hopefully we can touch base soon.