New to the dating scene[H][A]

Me: 8-9 members of a former Heroic Guild looking to do the same in Shadowlands. We have all roles and willing to switch those roles. Currently Horde but willing(wanting?) to try Alliance. Will switch servers en masse.

You: A Heroic ONLY guild, preferably with a small team looking for more. We have no interest in ‘trying out’ for a raid team or being backups for a nearly full team. We know what we’re capable of, be sure of the same for you. Raiding Eastern time zone preferred, will also accept Central.

Shadowlands is a long way off and we’re looking for a slow courtship to make the right choice. Message Dzargul#1938 if this sounds right for you.

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Hi there. We are another guild that recently started up about a month ago. Our raid size is currently at 16 as continue to grow. We would have dps, ranged and heal spots. Possibly a tank spot. I would love to get in touch with you to discuss more details. Full post below. Thanks.

Hello! I’m the GM of Errant Venture (A) Whisperwind. We are a Semi-Casual AOTC guild. We run 2 raid teams at the moment, our Tues/Sat team is definitely in need of an infusion of people, I’d love to talk to you about things.