(New to Server) LF Casual Guild for Cata

Why lie, I want them guild perks. So a larger guild that will level up quickly is what I am after. I have 6 alts so I will be an XP, Gold and Guild achievement battery for your guild. I am an experienced raider but have limited time these days, still I will gear up my main and perhaps be available as a fill in on occasion.

Who am I?

I have played since patch 3.3 OG Wrath, raided extensively in Cata. Got my rogue legendries. Have years of /played time.

I am also Married with 4 kids, 2 of whom play Wow as well as my wife. I am drama free and mostly politics free.

If I sound like your kind of player then please let me know. It’s lonely playing without green guild chat to read.