New To Server, Just Wanted To Say Hello

I am new to this server cluster and just wanted to say hello to everyone. Been playing wow since vanilla, everything from hardcore to casual and have decided to play on a somewhat quiet more laxed environment so I transferred here. This DH will now be my main and is decently geared and able to pack a punch or two/three :slight_smile: Anyway, I enjoy raiding, M+'s, PvP, etc. and am always looking for new peeps to enjoy this game with. Feel free to hit me up in game or leave a reply here if you want to. GG :+1:


Welcome to the quiet server! If you rp, I suggest you join the allianceooc chat channel and say hi in game. If not, say hi anyway!

I like the quiet servers. I have lots of friends here and I am a very casual player. That does not mean there is no mythic keys being done or raids. You will need to join a guild though, so good luck and welcome to the server!


Welcome aboard :smile:

Or the hordeooc channel, as the case may be. ;D

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Yeah, Orwyn here might arrest you if you try joining the Alliance one. :smiley:

Oh Yeah, Sorry I was not paying attention. Horde side has their own channel.

I still welcome you!

See, thatโ€™s why you join the AAMS. Weโ€™ve got the same channel name on either side!

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Just not the same guild name (yet) to make things even more confusing I mean awesome!