New to RP, not the concept!

Hey all, I’m new to WoW RP, though I’ve been playing WoW since release in '04. I RP’d a bit back in EverQuest (Haha, shows my age), and I’d really like to check out and get involved in the WoW RP scene.

I haven’t played Alliance much in the last 10 years or so, but I’m looking to RP a few different characters, or at least I have a few BASIC character ideas:

Dwarf (Warrior/Paladin)
Worgen X (Hunter/Rogue/DK/Warrior)
Void Elf (Priest/Rogue)

A few things I’m looking for:
Gameplay, not just MUD style chatting though I like this as well, I don’t want it to be the SOLE focus.

Immersion, I want to BE my character when I’m on my character.

People! I want a group of people that actually enjoy playing together, and I’m looking for a group that’s at least 12-15+ regulars. Not that I don’t want just a few friends, but I feel like the more people, the better the experience.

If anyone has any tips/info/feels like I would be a good fit, let me know!

Also I’ve heard there are a couple “MUST HAVE” addons for RP servers, one that’s something like a character bio and a couple others. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!


Immersion can go as far as mentally becoming your character - much like many Dungeon and Dragons, and Pathfinder players do during their sessions. I see no problem with this as long as you remember to leave the character in the game before you log off for the night.

As for people and regulars this depends on what time of day you play or in. Typically RP is 24/7 with interguild actions, however you can always find RP around the clock as long as you take the initiative to walk up to a person - or out of characterly talk to the player behind the character and ask if they would like to roleplay if they are running an Out of Character tag.

Speaking out the Out of Character tag, the must have addons in my opinions are basic, but worth it. TotalRP3 or MyRolePlay, Emotesplitter and Elephant. There is an addon that allows you to temporarily ignore other individuals so you can focus more on a person you are already engaged with. I do not personall run with this addon for the ismple fact of, what if the person you are temp. ignoring walk up to you during said ignore?

The races and class combinations you have listed are pretty solid, keep in mind though that there are several branches each clas touches. For example, Warrior: Berserker, Tower (Tank), Warbringer, and so on. Paladin - Medic/Mender/Healer, Brother/Sister of the Light, the list is pretty much never ending in this field. Just keep in mind not to get too carried away with it.

There are numerous groups that run actual d20 roleplaying events, we also host a large variety of monthly, seasonal and yearly events.

I see no problem with this as long as you remember to leave the character in the game before you log off for the night.

What? It’s a game, I’m simply saying I’d like to be immersed in it, not discussing TV shows and the weekend bar scene while playing with a group on an RP realm. Mighty bold of you to assume I don’t know how to separate a game from reality. Married dad with four kids here, pretty sure I’ll be okay, and I won’t lumber around pretending I’m a dwarf hunter walking around Philly shooting a bow at pigeons.

Thanks though :v:

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I wasn’t trying to be offensive or anything. I was speaking from my own personal experience. I had a huge problem keeping the game within the game and not taking things so seriously. I’m glad I can help regardless however. Hopefully more individuals post to give you more information :slight_smile:

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Hiya Maligar! Oh and . . . “All hail Cazic Thule, The Faceless” . . . yeah, I’m geezery too. LOL Been in WoW since Vanilla and I just started RPing myself and I feel like I finally found the game’s truest potential! I love the game all over again.

There seems to be a guild for every RP type of play on Moon Guard. Best bet is to just make your characters and jump in! It will all come together with a bit of time! And if you need a RP friend to start out with, look me up! Yveti is a Stormwind commoner who is exceptionally friendly and helpful. Take off those boots and let’s get those feet wet! :grin:

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Newmaker already mentioned this but TRP is a must-have for RP purposes. It allows you to not only add neat details to your character description and background, but lets other TRP users see those so they’re aware of the kind of character you’re trying to portray beyond what is already commonly available in the game engine.

EmoteSplitter is useful for stitching together longer responses that flow beyond what WoW’s chat engine allows, and either Listener or Elephant are super helpful for keeping track of who’s saying what in larger group settings.

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Bumping vote of confidence contribution!

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Rereading my reply, I probably came off a lot more brash than I meant to be, it was more in jest but thanks for not taking me serious :crazy_face:

Thank you, and everyone else, for all your feedback!

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