New to rogues

So I’ve started a horde rogue level 28 currently assassination spec which so far is good for pve. My question is I dabble in casual pvp and was wondering does the Sin rogue hold it’s own or would I be better off going Sub or Outlaw spec. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Im not sure if this is a troll or not, and that impresses me. Usually I can sniff a troll out.

You are posting on a 120 alliance character so you must have seen or fought a rogue before.

Well just because someone’s max level on one class doesn’t mean they know how good the other classes are. I don’t think its a troll because I’ve been there before lmao

Edit (because I forgot to answer the question): Its probably best you try them out for yourself and get a feel of the playstyle. I personally love the sin playstyle (I’ve been leveling in Korrak with this toon) where I basically just put in all of my bleeds and poisons on a target and then let them do the work for me while I line of sight them. I’m not a big fan of sub, mostly because I never cared to put the time into understanding how the spec works. I consider myself pretty bad at pvp and I’d like to say I’ve won most of my 1v1s in bunkers I’m trying to cap, so I would assume the spec is good, since I’m not

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