New to PvP Arena - Beginner Macros & Tips?

I’m trying to learn PvP arena as I mainly only do PvE/PvP in Bgs rather then arenas. I really want to try and get into it with SL coming around the corner.
I just feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to target123 or using modifiers (or both for CC?), what would be the best option for a beginner in arenas to not feel so tunneled? I would honestly just love to hear some of your guys’ tips as I am very new to it. I’m focusing on maining a Lock and prioritizing my bar and binds for arenas atm, thanks!

Logitech G600: 1-6 on Top Half & Bottom 2 Rows I’m looking to use those for target123 & focus123?
Also what are some Warlock Sequencing abilities that are always used for Arenas? Im trying to get my bars in sequence if that makes sense LOL!

If you made it this far Thank you! Ill be reading to all of your guys’ tips <3

Might be better off asking in the PVP forums.

All I can say is that it’s arena1/2/3 not target.

I would suggest having focus macros or arena 1,2 and 3 macros.
You can also have individual target binds for arena1,2 and 3 in the key binds menu in the target tab.

Some examples:
Focus macro for Fear:
#showtooltip Fear
/cast [mod:shift, @focus] Fear; Fear

This one would cast Fear on your target and by pressing shift + Fear, it would cast it on your focus target.

or in separate macros; 1 macro per keybind; for arena 1,2 and 3.

/cast [@arena1] Fear

There’s tons of info that you can find but it’s about finding what works for you.

Honestly you have to try different things until you fine tune the way you want to play. While adjusting be ready to take a beating, then when every thing feels comfortable is when you’ll start wining more games.

I hope this helps a little,

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Thank you!
I have been practicing with arena123 macros and its been really tough but its really all just muscle memory. Knowing how isnt the problem its more when and how fast. Overall I think everything came out good.