New to OCE LF Guild

Hey all,

I recently moved to Australia from the US and I’m looking for a guild to call home. I was primarily a PvP player, hit Glad with some mates back home. But now that I am 17 hours ahead it’s been hard to find game time with them. I am looking for a guild that does some M+ and casual raids. I’ve been focusing on healing M+ this season and looking to meet some people on a OCE server. I haven’t transferred my character yet. Wanted to get a feel for what’s out there on Barthilas. Cheers all.

:dragon: Many Whelps! Handle It! :dragon:

Handle It [Horde][Barthilas] are looking for a few more players to fill out our raid roster with the intent to push Mythic Progression in all of Dragonflight~! :dragon_face:

Established in 2009 Cataclysm Expansion, has maintained a strong presence in End-Game Raiding content since its inception, Achieving A.O.T.C. quickly and then progressing on with Mythic Raiding (numbers permitting) every single tier.

Desired Classes: Range Classes ( Hunter, Mage, Balance Druid ect)

Other DPS classes will be accepted for exceptional players.

Raid Times :clock7:

8:15pm - 11:30pm AEST

Sunday (Casual Alt Raid Night)

Sunday Nights we run a Casual Raid Night for everybody and anybody who would like to come! (Casuals Welcome). We also run Mythic+ Keystone Nights on Friday and Saturdays. As well as regular events such as Tmog Contests, Mount & Achievement Runs every Tier, Races, Farming Competitions and More!!! :clown_face:

Contact our GM for more information!
Furby#12342 :bear:

Or one of the officers!

You wont be disappointed ! (or have to worry about 50 DKP- ) :dragon:

17hrs or 7hrs