New to Discipline spec

I play a Holy-Priest and enjoy it, about a week I changed the spec for Discipline because I was mainly curious and I wanted to try something different.

As I don’t use Macros & Addons with Holy spec I began to play Discipline spec the same way, I immediately realized that it would be barely possible due to the fact that the target system make things too difficult.
So I went on few different database to get some inspiration about Macros, result is that the target system is now butter smooth to play with.

  • Silliy right, an 18 yearrs old game and nothing done to fix it?

Now there’s an other problem for which Macros doesn’t help at all, as I would like to keep Atonement up without downtime and would like to be able to manage damage reduction properly, an Addon(s) to keep an eye on buff stack and duration seems mandatory.

  • Once again, after 18 years why nothing has been done about it?

So here I am, asking you to help me to find an Addon for Discipline Spec, perseverance :persevere: and prayers :pray: don’t help me here

Note: I mainly do PvP instances with my Priest but I would like to get on PvE sometimes with this spec.

Use VuhDo, you can keep track of Atonement, PWS, PS as well as when your party members use their major CDs (shield wall will display on the frame for warrior tank, vampiric blood for DK, etc).


I personally use elvui which does change a bit tooo much really. But could also use shadowed unit frames if u just wanna see who has atonment.

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To be fair disc has been around in this format to for 6 years, and nothing before that played lilke disc does. The bliz ui tracks it but yes i use vuhdo and an atonement counter to see how many i have out at once

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I love disc as well. My main surprise was finding out that you could use mind sear on a friendly target and still damage enemies. So cool!

When I am having a lazy moment, I do the 20s big one, bubble the tank, and just mind sear over and over on the tank :rofl:

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This is a very nice tool in pvp too! A lot of priest sleep on it.

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Most the party/raid frame addons can track any buff/debuff. Some are just more difficult to setup than others. Many people like VuhDo because it’s very simple to get going on. If you’re willing to take more time, Elvui’s frames are good (but elvui overall is kinda a resource hog).

Personally I think Grid2 has the best frames, they’re VERY difficult to set up in a way you want them. But the amount of customization they have is unmatched.

Also when it comes to mouseover macros, etc. Once you’ve tried it on one spec, you’re going to set up all your healers that way. It always plays a lot better.


Default Blizzard Raid Frames with BigDebuffs. I also have RaidFrameReSizer which lets me adjust the Length x Width of the default Raid Frames. Adding to that, Enhanced Raid Frames which also lets me adjust the scaling of the Raid Frames.
BigDebuffs will show Debuffs on Raid Frames and has a lot of customization you can sink a lot of time into to tune to your liking. I am pretty sure it would show your Atonement buff on your Raid Frames (if you use Raid Frames)… considering it does show important buffs.
Enhanced Raid Frames lets you see/move Raid Icons on Raid Frames to where ever, and you can input any Buff/Debuff you wish to track on any part of the frame. For SpellID or Ability names to track, you can scroll through BigDebuffs (if you git) and pick & choose what you wanna track.
RaidFrameReSizer doesn’t have an addon options menu for it, but in the default interface for Raid Frames it lets you adjust the size more than you normally could.
Special Mention SRF - Solo Raid Frames which lets you see Raid Frames without being in a group. Make sure you turn it off before you join a group and intend to play, otherwise it gets buggy.

A lot of addons for Raid Frames, but I like the default ones… ElvUI, VuhDU, Grid, etc. just get really complicated and excessive in my opinion, but are still great options!!!
Also, I use MouseOver macros mainly for my heals… but am working on getting used to target macros for Party and Arena, with arena macros to my abilities.
Good luck!

If you do end up using the Default Raid Frames, with any the mentioned addons or not, I recommend finding a way to make them have a flat texture. Makes the frames look way nicer IMO!

An example of what my frames/interface looks like:

Still a work in progress :stuck_out_tongue:

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One of the best things you can do that will have a huge difference is using targetoftarget macros for all damage abilities and have 2 separate penance binds. One for healing and other for damage, if you don’t usw 1,2,3 target macros.

Default UI raid frames track this on every player in your group/raid that has it. Be sure to have raid-style frames enabled for everything and it makes running disc (and healing in general) a LOT easier. Its what I’ve been doing for the past 6 years since Legion’s revamp of the spec.

Not only that but mind sear on a friendly also can pop out stealthies in pvp

get vuhdo
bind all friendly spells and targetable cooldowns to mouse clicks and shift+ mouseclicks

I suggest getting a mouse with side buttons

bind all hostile abilities to keys around wasd

heal your group using mouse clicks while also always having hostile targets selected so you can dps and heal at the same time.

Get to know your cooldowns. Barrier is really strong this season. Its great for when the demon does blood drain, the tidal stomp in gambit, the second boss in grimrail starts in a tiny little room that barrier completely covers. it really helps during the start of the fight. Flame wreath, if the two players are close and you can barrier them both it fudges the entire mechanic. I also use barrier during the post master fight and the trog boss in junkyard. they both select a player and you need to stack to reduce damage. its amazing.

use rapture a lot. it has a really low cooldown

I also use translucent images and lights inspiration. This gives you a 11% damage reduction through fade, and 25% health with some heals through desperate prayer. These are great to use during flame wreath, remorseless winter, in workshop when the second boss charges you, grimrail last boss dragon breath.

Ive been able to time all my 15s pre nerf as disc, some as high as 18. I found managing my cooldowns made bosses like moroes and med a lot easier.