New tier is 10.1 but over again

theres no way that the person that works on windwalker class tier has any idea of how this spec works cause once again they made it just as bad as last tier now for them to just redo it most likely…


I think its actually worse than the original 10.1

No only does it have the same “procs off autos” problem that they just seem to FORGOT that they awknoledged last tier, but worse it has huge anti-synergy with the rest of our kit.

Dance of Chi-Ji already gives free SCK procs. So now we will have 2 different things giving us SCK procs. This means

  • Procs cannibalize each other. If Dance of Chi-Ji procs, then my tier set procs, I still only get 1 free SCK, so the second proc was wasted and gets 0 value.
  • Tracking 2 different procs for 1 ability is just annoying. If you don’t use weakauras, then you don’t have anyway to track one proc vs the other.
  • It confuses the rotation. When do you press SCK over other abilities? What if you have a Dance proc but no tier proc? What if you have a tier proc, but no Dance proc? What if you have both procs? Is it better to wait for both procs, or try to avoid stacking procs so you don’t wast the free Chi? Do I even care about saving the chi? What if I have no procs, should I fish for 1, or 2 procs?

Also the CD reduction on RSK and FoF ins’t that attractive anyway, since our rotation is so full already. Just results in abilities sitting off CD for longer than getting pressed more.


Unless I read it wrong, there was no mention of the Free SCK being only from auto-attacks. The tier set says “Melee Attacks” which, in the past and currently for some trinkets, means any attack that is melee.

As for how it will synergize with Chi-Ji, I can see there being overlaps, unless dance is changed.

Making BOK stronger is nice for ST damage as well as AoE, and the CDR for FoF and WDP may see that talent being used more in a M+ setting, and an overall increase in Raid.

Scared to look into Mistweaver tier like terrified it’s gonna be another mana focused set probably designed to fix all the issues with the mana tea changes :dracthyr_uwahh_animated:

Need new Monk class devs already.

Edit: looked into it and ugh of course it focuses on renewing mist again like can’t they just make it viable and worth clicking for reasons other then synergising with our tier set bonus would of preferred a boring mana tier bonus over this :dracthyr_cry_animated:

Renewing mist is always viable and worth using with or without tier set bonuses…

As an actual HoT no not really as a glorified buff yes with certain talents forgot that it also adds that healing percentage buff doesn’t it or was it something else? haven’t played in awhile been busy with other games :dracthyr_shrug: