New Suit Colors

I’d like to request more Business/Dinner Suit colors. I know the chances of it being seen here and anyone giving a crap is pretty low, but, I’d like to have more than the 4 we currently have. Why not have a White Suit? Can we have an earthy brown or green suit too? Heck, give us an ugly Winter’s Veil Suit where it’s all Red, Green, and White!

I just want more suit options.

A Business Goblin.


Also offer other color sets of Heritage armor too. Maghar Orcs are the only race that have other color options for their armor sets. A black, blue white or green version of the Sindorie heritage armors would be dope. But i guess they should finish the basic heritage armors for all current races first, right?:wink::+1:t5::v:t5: