New start! LF guild

very casual player looking for a guild on horde/Ally side 18+
lgbt-friendly. something that’s casual but likes to get things done.
I have raided normal and heroic ny’alotha (being very active on Discord especially in voice comms is very important to me) p.s also I’m a very fun and crazy person
I’ve also been an officer and Discord admin for years (I can make your Discord look organized and look professional XD) :rainbow_flag:

Things I like to do
Mythic Plus
Island expeditions
random battlegrounds.
transmog runs
and working on professions.
I dont RP XD

Discord: Zurgane#3882

Kami no bushido is recruiting! Super friendly, laid back, helpful. Getting everyone ready for the new expansion!
Btags- RL musashi#1594 GM kathe#1902

Got a newly formed Guild, very casual a good potion of us are freshly leveled 120’s. Hit me up on discord if you wanna check it out

add you <3