New rogue, sub or sin

Hey guys, I used my shadowlands boost on this character and want to try playing it more often. I haven’t done much, just a couple M+ and some bgs.

The character is assassin right now cause I didn’t much enjoy outlaw and roll the bones, I think I got the general rotation down, just gotta master it, i waste combo points and let my dots drop occasionally.

I kind of wanna try Sub but from what I’ve read it has a much higher player skill cap, so I’ve been shying away from it cause this is my first rogue and I barely know the basics.

Any advice? should I just spec Sub and start figuring it out now or get the basics done as sin first then branch out?

This character will be mostly used from M+, 2v2 arenas and RBG. Thanks rogue fam.

Assassination can do everything Subtlety can do, but better and for less effort. There is no reason to play Subtlety right now. Its skill cap is higher, but it’s also a mechanical mess. Do yourself a favor and just play Assassin.


For a new rogue player I would def recommend assassination. But once you get some experience with the class you will realize how dull assassination is and want to try sub.

Why not outlaw? More fun than those two


Sub is for 2v2 pvp only, If you wanna do pve m+ or raid you should run sin, stack 3 shrouded suffocation for dungeons and you should be good to go

For real, just play assassination. I am like 401 ilevel and I started ambushing people in Najz today. The first hapless guy was a hunter with 326k health (I’m guessing his ilevel was much higher than mine.)

He died so quickly that I slammed my laptop closed and hid in my closet to hide out from the police.

I’m used to getting through my set up on the other classes I play, using trinket against some cc, maybe an interupt and then downing someone after a hard won fight. Assassination is not that.

In a group, no one hardly even makes it through your first envenom, and if they did, using whatever defense they had, it doesn’t matter. I have never felt so smug waiting for a mages iceblock to thaw, or a hunters shield to expire.

Did they gank you? Well who cares? Cause you just evade everything, slap on a spell cloak, kidney shot one guy, blind another, and then vanish. I feel safer with war mode on with this rogue, than I do with my main. What is this?


Sub is pretty fun.

We can use stealth abilities very often

Exactly why I play rogue as an alliance with war mode on. It’s great to be able to pick when I fight or not.

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So let’s look at this for a second shall we. Let’s assume you killed this 435 ilvl hunter in roughly 10 second stun lock.

That’s 33k DPS. In PvP. At 400ilvl. With someone 25ilvl and the 1.5x your health higher than you.

Okay. I don’t think you can pull that number in ST on a training dummy with full buffs and lust going. But okay.

Even in a 20 second fight, that’s 16.5k DPS. But 20’seconds is getting away from the so fast you have to hide from the police kind of fight.

At 400ilvl in PvP vs a hunter who’s 25ilvls higher with all 3 essence slots unlocked…something doesn’t add up

I don’t mind a little exaggeration. But that’s a bit much. Unless they were completely afk and unresponsive. But still

@OP - Outlaw the the PvE master and puts out great AoE numbers and sufficient single target DPS.

Sub is your control spec. PvP. Not a ton of damage, but lots of control.

Assassination is your mid range. More CC and control than Outlaw, but not more than Sub. Definitely more damage than sub, and surpasses Outlaw in single target as well.

I’m a bit biased, I’ve been Muti/Sin from the get go of my Rogue career. Dabbled in Sub here and there as well as Outlaw but always mained Sin :slight_smile: it’s the best of both worlds. But can get boring in PvE after awhile


assassination is def the best to learn on, and is good bang for the buck in complexity (or generally lack thereof)

sub is messy ATM. word is its gettin a rework come SL

outlaw is ok, but i personally HATE the RNG aspect of it with Roll The Bones (you ‘roll dice’ and it gives you random buffs based on that of varying usefulness). id go with it more often if an equally effective build was available that DIDNT need RtB (the only skill available as an alternative is less effective)


Yeah, 3 bad rolls with RtB and you can kiss 150k damage goodbye in a matter of seconds. Or more depending on traits/procs

But I tell you what. when the stars align and you get 2 good rolls back to back (for full durations) with Adrenaline Rush active, it’s a fun time and you get kind of giddy lol

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435 ilevel doesnt make you invincible. Especially when your response is to turtle and run. I’m not sure how long it took, I was just excited to see it unfold.

I recall freaking out in a similar manner when I leveled my hunter with warmode on earlier in bfa, it’s why I enjoyed my monk so much early on in the xpac, because Karma was a great way to rebound from all that initial damage rogues put out.

The point is in Wpvp I find that I dont have to worry nearly as much as a sin rogue than I do with Arms.

No, but it makes you survive a lot longer than needing to go hide because of how fast you killed them. Especially if they popped turtle and ran and are 35ilvls higher than you.

That’s all you had to say buddy! Or that you were 400 and went against someone around 435 and won. Whether you killed them or they fled, you got the jump ins them and won the round. Kudos. And believable

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If you’re doing Karrok, sub does work. I had fun with it. I leveled this char in a weekend from 90-120. But I hadn’t played this character in years. Sub was the pvp spec back then. So I haven’t tried Assassination spec yet.

Just run to the bunkers, cap and recap. Grab snowballs from inside AV because they have a knock back and can knock people off the mountain. But they poof in 5 minutes. Still fun

Sub for fun or raiding imho, Sin for pvp.

Sub is literally trash in raiding rn

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