New Rogue, PVP

I’m super new to Rogue, used free boost on it. I feel like I will only semi-casually PVP with it (1600-1800 Tops). I’m having fun with it, but its a lot to manage, and pay attention too. Probably not ever going to be a main.

So, Stealing bases? What’s the best way to go about doing it? Say verses a Druid or Pet class? I have some exp with it was a druid, but rogue has so many more tools.

This is one of those things you learn through experience.

The basic Sap and Cap goes like this, IF your target is close enough to the flag.
Have your mouse on the flag. Then using a Sap macro, sap the target and immediately click the flag. You should have just enough time to cap and restealth.

Be ready to cast Blind if the target breaks sap before you complete the cap.

That’s the gist of it.

Some classes like paladins and warriors have multiple cc breaks. Don’t even bother unless you know can win the 1vs1. Same with pet classes.

It takes some practice to get the timing and know when to blind. But when you pull it off, it feels really good :slight_smile:


In addition to what Tavlina said.

Make sure you have enemy nameplates displayed over their heads at all times.
This will allow you to see players through walls, hills etc.

Also, if you are running a title with your name, shut it off. In BGs your name is displayed in red and having a big honking title over your head is just a big billboard saying “come kill me” , lose it.

I don’t know what name you have for your Rogue, but keep it short and sweet, when you hide behind the flag to cap it, the flag will hide your name if it’s short enough, so when you cap a flag, put it between you and any enemies that might be able to see you.

If you are a fresh Rogue, you gotta play smart or you will be deleted really fast, always assume someone is gonna DOT you up the second they see you, be ready to hammer Cloak and vanish, don’t wait to look around an assess the situation, you are still to weak for that, if someone tags you, cloak-vanish-sprint and then when you are clear scope out the situation and decide if it’s something you can handle or not.

And don’t forget, you are the recon on your team, call out enemy movements, scout objectives, let your team know what is going on and where.

Good luck.


What Slade has said above me is as accurate as you can get. Rogue’s are very opportunistic fighters, don’t blindly go into fights, only fight when you know you can win since you can dictate when or even if the engagement is going to happen. Sow paranoia in the enemy team even if it means sometimes randomly sapping someone and running away. Be the most annoying thing the enemy team doesn’t see. In the case of Capture the Flag being the scout is huge, even hunting down the Flag Carrier if you can kill them quickly enough is very big. I tend to hunt down the Flag Carriers and if the healers take their eyes off of them even for a few moments they’re mine. and the flag is returned.


For rbgs, which I admit I don’t play nearly as often as arena capping is really fun. I play the vanish lego for shorter blind. I like playing deeper strat as well because as a ne you could then not only sap off blind but off a long kidney as well.

Are this Still bugs in which things that shouldn’t pull you out of stealth do? I remember something awhile back in which a certain priest heal would knock us out?

Every once and awhile I am strolling along in stealth, then suddenly im out of stealth. Clueless as to what it was, and I dont think i was close enough to the fight in order to get knocked out by some random aoe.

Yeah it still happens, not as bad as it used to be but it’s still there.

It picks the worst times to do it too.