New Portal Room in SW is fazed

I recently faction/race changed my monk to a dwarf and the new portal room in SW is fazed for me. Can someone help me fix. When i hearth or port to SW i get stuck in the portal room because it is fazed. It is empty when i get there and the doors are locked so i can’t get out. Is there something i should have done to unlock the room so it is not fazed or what?

It should work just as porting into the old portal room in the mage tower worked…there is no attunement.

Also, important question: is your guild bigger on the inside?

Well unfortunately it is not and i have no idea who to contact to fix it, and i haven’t read anything about it either. Come to think of it before the patch the old portals were still fazed for me as well weird if someone knows or has any ideas it would be helpful because i have to find a mage like the old days to port me other places.