New Player! What to do before Xpansion, please?

Dear fellow… Wowers:

I´m basically new to the game and am joining friends in the expansion. So I am currently leveling a Night Elf priest. I am currently level 110.

What content should i clear and what objectives should i complete before the expansion, please?

Questions I have:

  1. Do I need to farm Rep and Unlock Void elf and the other races? Or will the pre expansion patch make things easier? Should I wait?

  2. Should I do the quests in Battle for Azeroth? Or should i just wait for the pre expansion patch? Currently I have cleared NO CONTENT in Battle For Azeroth

  3. I do need to pay and upgrade the various Master, Artisan Riding skills? Each zone seems to have its one version of these, preventing me from flying. :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. Should I work on heirlooms? Is there other content you suggest I clear?

FINALLY one last question:

  1. Should I just level to 120 and wait? Or should i do the above and more?

Thank you for the help. I´m currently drinking a lot of caffeine to try and get stuff done lol.

def get to 120, get some gear from world quests (these will open up at 120 with some of the story done) these you definitely want to get the gist of for the future.

  1. dont know.

  2. just do them til world quests open up so you can understand that system, its easy but you need to see it.

  3. you only pay for riding/flying in older world content. you must have them purchased to get the achievement for each xpac that lets you fly in those zones.

  4. heirlooms arent necessary for lvling alts in SL. they get no xp bonus and are just non replaceable stats. they are good to have, but less necessary now than ever before.

  5. yes, 120, see max level systems at least. (world quests, heroic/mythic dungeons/LFR, flight whistle)