New Player Looking For A WoW Friend

Hello. New player here. I just leveled to 10 to get the basics of the game down. None of my friends play this game so I was hoping to find someone that I could sometimes play with or help me learn the game. I’m willing to hop on any realm and any faction. Leave your battle tag and I will add you if you are interested in helping this noob. Or you can add mine. Glowingmoon#11909 Thanks!


Hey :slight_smile: If you’re willing to switch faction, I have a newly created community on Alliance side. That means that Alliance characters from any realm can join. We’re very relaxed and new players friendly.

If you’d like to have a chat, here’s my battletag: Felagun#11374 :smiley:

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Hey there! I am on Thrall (Horde) feel free to add me and i am more than happy to help you! tinosauous#1507

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So I definitely butchered my btag. Its tinosaurous#1507

Heya! A friend and I are going to be starting the game later today if you haven’t found any newbie players to game with. Sounds fun to partner with others for this~

Idk my battle tag, but I can add you.