New Player LF Raiding / Leveling Guild

Hi there,

Brand new player, LF Guild that enjoys a community base. I’ve played SWTOR my whole MMO career and thought I’d give WOW a try after all these years.

I enjoy raiding which is ultimately what I’d like to get into once I’m leveled enough to start and was curious if there were any guilds out there on Destromath (although swapping to another server doesn’t bother me) that took in fresh new recruits that know very little about WOW.

Typically I prefer healing classes and dps, but the occasional tanking spec appeals as well.

Are there any guilds out there that have a descent community base with frequent raiders?



Hi Sal,
Welcome to WoW! If you are interested in end-game content, like raiding, then I would invite you to join Animosity.

We do dungeons and guild events pretty much every day of the week in the evenings, and we raid on Saturday nights (and sometimes Thursday nights).

We are a friendly community, established in 2007. We (the leadership) work with our members to get the gear and experience they need to be successful in Dungeons and Raids.

If you are interested, you can contact any of the Officer’s for Animosity, listed in the Armory page below (Rank 1, Rank 2, or Rank 3):

Otherwise, you may contact me through, add me as a friend (piratejimm#1130)

If you weren’t aware, Destromath is part of a “Server Group”, which means it is also linked to Azgalor, Azshara, and Thunderlord. We have guild members representing all four servers in the group.

I also played SWTOR for a few years (back during the mandatory subscription era). I enjoyed the game, but it felt more like a solo adventure, than a community game, which is why I came back to WoW.

Awesome. Friend request sent. Thanks.