New Player, LF other New Players

Hey all. I am new to WoW and am looking to find some other new people to progress and hang out with, whether that be on voice chat or the good old fashioned way of in game parties and group/guild chat.

I’m ialso nterested in starting a guild with some like minded people or joining an existing one if it has players that would be interested in doing low level content together (leveling dungeons, cosmetic farms & the like).

I think my main character starting out is going to be my mage. Message me here on this thread or whisper me in game if you’d like to contact me. Character name: Emberheart, Alliance faction on the Azgalor server. I’m only level 13 as of last night, FYI.

Some other info on me…

Play time: CST time zone - week nights and all day/night on weekends.
Play style: Casual mindset, but interested in hardcore content once I/we get there. I am not in any rush to hit level cap, just concentrating on enjoying the game, understanding the lore and learning my class at the moment.
Age group: Adult (I’m in my 30s)

Looking forward to making some new friends and starting this new journey! Thanks.

Hit up, for crits n giggles, great people always someone online. Would be happy to have ya with us. Even if not in guild. Hit me up, GM, snootbooper-bloodfurnace. :slight_smile: