New player can't unlock Legion Mission Table in 8.3

Hi all,

I gifted my sister the latest expansion, and she leveled a Mage to 110. Now she wants to unlock Void Elves, which is locked behind Legion content. We are currently stuck on the mission table quest ‘Darkfall Ridge Supplies’, as she hasn’t unlocked her Legion mission table yet.

She has an artifact and access to her class hall, however she doesn’t seem to get the next part of the quest line to unlock the mission table. Also, we have quested through the Legion zones beforehand so the quest ‘A Conjurer’s Duty’ doesn’t allow her to select a zone to select. I was wondering if this may be an issue?

According to WoWHead:

“The next part of unlocking the Class Hall Missions begins when you have reached level 101. You need to go back to Dalaran to get approached by one of your Class Hall minions who offers a quest to return to your Class Hall. This short chain will unlock few champions at your disposal, the first troop and the Order Hall Advancements…At this point you can start sending your Champions and Troops to missions from the Scouting Map in your Class Hall.”

She is already 110 and no minion is offering her a quest upon returning to Dalaran.

Thank you for the help. :slight_smile:

Make sure she has trivial quest tracking turned on.

There are a few requirements that need to be met before the initial Void Elf quest pops up. Her 110 mage needs to be exalted with the Argussian Reach, and she also needs to complete the Argus questline. I know you mentioned that she has quested through the Legion zones, but does that include Argus? Perculia on Wowhead has a great Void Elf Allied Race guide if you think that might help!

She can try going directly to the class hall to see if anyone there has the quest to start up the mission table. As I recall, the one you get in Dalaran to return to the class hall is an optional breadcrumb.

The mission table quests on Argus are not required to unlock Void Elves. Those quests do not block the other quest progress in the zone and are not part of the “You are Prepared” achievement. They are worth some rep, but if you’re starting from scratch with followers, you’ll likely get exalted before you get them sufficiently leveled for all of the Argus mission quests. So, she can just skip it completely and work on the other Argus stuff.

I just used my 110 boost and experienced this. So once you get your first artifact quest and completed it, see the serenity artifact quest giver to recruit li and chen as followers. This should unlock the mission table. But it will be a pain to get your followers up.