New PC, tried to play in windowed mode 3d acceleration error / crash

Installed wow classic on new PC.

I usually play in windowed.

attempted to put it on windowed and "Unable to start 3d acceleration. I googled this and found some info, I tried everything I found. No fix

Needing more help

GPU updated
Direct X 12 installed
Closed all overlays, Discord & Geforce
Disable full screen optimizations
Run as administrator
vsync, off
OS is HB20 or what ever the new one is

Did you install to programs 86? Sometimes when you put it in normal programs it runs it as 64 bit and messes it up

is your display actually plugged into your GPU? sounds silly but I made that mistake once of not having it connected and was driven mad before realizing

Yes plugged directly into GPU both monitors

and no, World of Warcraft has its own folder in my drive. Should I put it into Program 86?

Yeap, did it fix it?