New patch now doesn't support my laptop

been playing wow on my laptop probably for 10yrs, now latest patch says my gpu is obsolete, yet i had no issues playing the game up to this point on low setting, still 30 fps. i dont understand why restrict people if they are playing on older machines, if they game will still run and im content in playing it then let me? i pay for this game monthly, and all the expansions, and whatever other bs i want to buy.

It’s a warning that game may be unstable and crash from now on. My 2001 Work PC used to could play the game with some graphic glitches until BfA launch, then it cannot launch the game at all.

RIP 32 bits WoW.

They posted this in the Bug Report forum:

So your issue may clear up. Though I must say I would recommend upgrading at this point anyway if you can. Eventually you will probably have to for sure.

This is just part of PC gaming. Its the suck part, but it is what it is.

I paid for Command and Conquer, Red Alert, Age of Empires, among others years ago, and would love to take a nostalgia dive back into them, but that wont happen on my current system. I would have to find an old potato somewhere to play them. I have tried Virtual PC and others and can get win 95 & 98 to run, but not the games.

This game, and every other piece of software on the market evolves with the current hardware available. I remember Microsoft extending support for XP for the government because the software being used would not run on 7.

If you are going to keep gaming on a PC, you need to upgrade from time to time. That’s the main reason I build my own, upgradability.


I don’t think it’s a deliberate attempt to restrict people from playing. This is just how video games go. More pixels, more triangles, spend more money, etc.

That said, 10 years on a laptop is pretty d@mn good. I thought I had been doing well getting 10 years out of my PC. My hat is off to you, player.

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New customization would be my guess.

Wow is a live service and as such, constantly updating. Therefore, graphics requirements change over time as they improve.

They are working on a solution

FYI I had the same issue with Red Alert. There is a workaround for it with ` and follow the cncnet-ddraw installation guide. It allows it to run in 1280x768 windowed mode.

Pretty sure there are remastered versions of both C&C and RA on Steam that will work on current PCs.

Also if youre having issues and use add ons disable them or make sure they’re up to date. First log in was unplayable on all settings, disabled clique and omen and things went back to how they were before the patch

Getting 30fps on low settings…
I’m not sure how anyone can be ‘happy’ with only getting 30fps, or playing with their settings on low…

How you can do both I just can’t understand… I get that people have budgeting limits, but you can get a new GPU for less than $100 that will run wow at 30fps at 7-10 or 60fps at 1-5; If you can’t afford a massive upgrade (like 300-400$ should get you a decent PC that’ll run it much better than yours), then I would highly recommend just getting a new GPU that’s compatible with your machine that was released in the past 4-5 years.

Playing with full detail and getting 60 fps is so much a different experience to low settings at 30 fps.

As they add new feature, such as ray tracing, specular highlighting, skin tones, hdr, reflections, physx etc… they HAVE to upgrade the engine, and DX support, and some of those things just cannot be supported by lesser hardware, and the lesser hardware support has to be removed as a result.

The fact that they’re discontinuing support for anything prior to dx11 is actually good, because it means that they may add more features that they’ve been holding back on due to dx10 support.

I hope you can find a way to get an upgrade and experience the game as it’s meant to be.

I have two rigs, my pc at home is what I truly play the game on full settings etc… my old laptop I use at work to do basic stuff so the low settings don’t bother me. In fact I kinda enjoy playing at work on such low settings to where when I get home the game looks immensely better.

Inevitably it happens, I played on a garbage rig for most of Legion and BfA, and it ran WoD fine and even Legion was far and away better than BfA. Every expansion they push the specs just a little bit, it was to the point it was affecting my play so I had to get a new one. 10 years is about the most you can expect from a machine these days, that’s almost exactly how old mine was come to think of it.

You had a good innings, now it’s obsolete.

You have two choices. Both involve moving beyond your post.