New Orc heritage armor quest - not appearing

I have a lvl 70 Orc Hunter who is exalted with Orgrimmar (and 69 other factions) and the quest does not appear when I log in. Are there other pre-reqs?

Tried re-logging with no change
Tried turning off all add-ons with no change
Tried character swap with no change

Same result on the lvl 60 Tauren Paladin (also exalted with Orgrimmar)

It starts from Eitrigg I think, if that helps you could go check him

Same thing is happening to me. I have reported it, but no response.

Have you gone to Orgrimmar to check for the quest? I don’t remember it popping up but I saw it on the minimap.

Like the other said, Eitrigg in the main building there should have the quest for you.

Same thing for me.