New Oceanic Realm Open - 7:30pm AEST August 27

Hi Shadue, I personally don’t have alot of knowledge on cloud services or automation, and I do think that you are correct on how much easier it is to manage servers now days, but what I do believe differently is that the game itself is not what the community is really asking for, its the sense of adventure and a tight and friendly community that made the game enjoyable for people 15 years ago and what really make wow one of the best games.

What really surprised me today was the amount of people raging and complaining just because they can not get into the server they expected to be in, and when other options were offered(yeh it was a bit late) all I saw was comments on how those servers will be dead and free transfers was the only option. A good server is built by a good community. Maybe its just me and I might sound like a fool for writing all of this but I think its up to the community to ‘fix’ classic instead of the developers.

Yes, that is what people want. That is why blizzar dencouraged people to connect with their friends and guildies - to play together and relive the nostalgia. Which they basically made impossible for OCE players.

They forced everyone to reserve characters on one realm and didn’t cap character creation despite knowing it was full (hello?! capacity management?) .The OCE realms were launched at 8am OCE time… after a lot of people had gone to work. There was only one server to login to at launch so those online went for that and they ONLY added more later when it became apparent there were huge problems - they were proactive with US and EU realms - I can only assume because they have more paying customers on those regions.

And what happens when those communities are now no longer? The promise (nay, expectation) of nostalgia Blizzard promoted is not possible. This was not the experience for our Yank and Euro friends…


Hi, if you open new realms and people switch - once server populations are stable if these newer server are low in pop will they be merged? Or will free transfers be offered to a more populated realm? If not, it would be punishing those taking your advice to switch

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There is no gaurantee that you will be merged into a realm with your friends or that server xfers will become available.

hence why i am asking

I’ll happily switch when you offer transfers. Not going to play the reroll game for servers that should’ve been available before launch.


felstriker new mvp realm

Why aren’t you offering free realm transfers to split Arugal into another server? Since you used the big “reserve your character name early” drawcard and knew well in advance that it was full.


None of the established guilds will re-roll unless blizzard commit to offering FREE MIGRATION.

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Well, logged in at 4:30pm - its now 10:12pm and I haven’t been able to play at all. Do I just do this again tomorrow night? LOL

okay, well have fun battling the queues over the weekend, I will be playing on the new realm

before the launch all my firends and i made sure we had characters ready on the same pvp server, the one and only for Aus. now they’ve started playing and i sit in a que of 11k people. I can’t just roll up a new character on a different server. why couldn’t there have been more servers to start with and avoid this mess.


I 100% back free realm transfers. I’ve put 8 hours into my druid already, I would rather not do it again.

I literally can’t get in, been queuing since 5pm after a short break.


The main thing I’m worried about is that when the dust settles, Felstriker will be left with a population inadequate to support a solid community experience with raids, PvP with BGs etc. I’ve just levelled a new character for a few hours on Felstriker after giving up on the Arugal queue, and I really hope this new server will have enough people to last.

There is a certain kind of player who kinda enjoys the low-pop experience and once phasing is gone I can 100% respect the desire for close-knit community, so if there’s only one low-pop server then it shouldn’t be too bad.
It’ll however be an issue two out of the three end up low-pop.

At first glance this sounds like good news but now my friends are split up over 3 servers and I don’t feel like starting again for a 3rd time… Please allow free server transfers.

I am going to keep saying this until someone Blue gets it through their dark iron skulls.

WE HAVE PRE-ORGANIZED COMMUNITIES. You need to make an announcement, and give people 24 hours to use the WEBSITE, NOT GAME CLIENT, to Transfer off the hammered servers to a fresh server. This way we can coordinate and preserve our guilds and move like you want us to.

We’d like to play the multiplayer game with our friends, and asking everyone to take a roll of the dice to move to a different server (and possible 3-12 hour queue) when some of them are already 20+ hours into the experience is not acceptable. You’ve got to offer server splits and if it becomes an issue do a merge in 6/12 months. But you have to get this week actually functional.


Is there any chance we could get an RP-PVP server?

Let us transfer leveled/named characters and we will ABSOLUTELY move. Defeats the purpose of name reservation and playing time for your “solution” to be “please delete your character and reroll on our new server” Then to have that server fill up and repeat the process over and over. You all can do better than this, cmon.

Any word on Latam servers? pve would be nice…