New multi-boxing restrictions don't go far enough

Ya, that’s a support representative.
I would like to see the topic addressed by whomever makes the decisions.

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Key Cloning is exactly what they banned…

Where you people think that this “input broadcasting software” is an actual term is mental gymanstics. Its a term made by blizzard, meaning any thing that makes 1 key effect more than one client.


That’s possible, Honestly if it is their intention to ban boxing I wish they would just outright say it. To intentionally leave players uncertain isn’t very ethical in my opinion. People pay a lot to multibox and a change like that they should be direct about.


Using Hardware/Software Macros are against the TOS.

You are only allowed to use Blizzards “Macro” system.

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Oh no, that certainly isn’t their intention.
From what ( surmised, their intention is simply to make each human being have to play each account.

One person playing 1 character and it being mirrored across others should never have been allowed in the first place, IMO.


You know what, I know a lot of people who would also like to see that :rofl:

To me it seems obvious

No other restrictions regarding hardware = what you could do before you can still do. But maybe you guys are right, maybe I’m biased I’d certainly welcome further clarification :slight_smile:

yes and blizzards macros are actually good enough to do that. you just have to be inteligent and know what to put in the box it would take alot of time to setup but would be very easy to do once you have it.
the ban on multiboxing programs wont kill multiboxing it will only kill the ones who cheat to do it

there isnt a need to run 5 pcs for 20 accounts… do it on a single rig round robin client swaping and make your main gse on scroll wheel just buy one of those mice that dont have a wheel click and spin for ages.
i did some testing doing that method i could get back to client 1 about 2sec after first gcd triggered on 64 accounts.

It is an Should be.

However Hardware boxxing wont have 20 toons using the same ability at the same time.

If your doing that, your going to get banned. If your playing 2 accounts with diffrent PCs and keyboards, your not doing that.

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Seethe more.

The rules do plenty to stop most of them.

No, Blizzards macros only allow 1 action per key press.

Blizzards Macros do not connect across multiple accounts.

In no way does blizzards macros allow that.

You can macro a spell rotation to a macro. Cast 1, cast 2, cast 3. However you still have to push the key 3 times to use all 3 spells.


Why do you think that?

What if I’m playing 2 accounts with different PCs with the same keyboard :slight_smile:

you know you can fill up all 10 action bars with macros right

That does nothing…

if you didnt notice i said you had to be intelligent


so in my 500 + days played on WoW I have encountered obvious multiboxes exactly twice first hand not counting possible gatherer boxers on the AH i might have bought from.

one experience was positive one was negative. both were on my same faction.

one boxer helped me camp a rogue who was trying to kill me. the rogue was easily defeated by his druid boxes.

one boxer brought 5 BOOSTED druids to a season four random battle ground. no corruption or cloaks. we lost pretty easily because half the team (the boxer’s characters) had no gear essences or corruption. it spoiled the battle ground.

having said that boxers in my /played time have been very rare in first hand experiences. I cannot comment on AH economy effects because I don’t track that.

I don’t really have an issue with them banning the software if they think it is an issue for the game.

I have dual boxed before between alliance and horde but not cloning keystrokes.

I have also dual boxed horde accounts farming invincible, again not using any software.

so I don’t see anything wrong with using hardware for multiboxing. If your rig can handle that kind of load good for you. I actually burnt out my last machine hardware dual boxing while playing hulu videos so if serious boxers want to risk that I don’t mind. If blizzard really feels the need to ban the popular software they are within their rights and I don’t have an issue with that either.

that’s my 2 cents. thanks for reading.


You cant play 2 pcs with the same keyboard. Its physically impossible, PCs dont work that way…

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If you didnt notice.

What your saying is NOT possible.

I feel like the ban is more in the spirit of things than multi boxers are giving credit for. They make it very clear in the post automation had a negative impact on their game and enabling it in another fashion just enables the same problem. It feels somewhat strange people are openly talking about working around something they specifically stated they dislike. It would do wonders for the forums if they specified or talked about this more. But in the end no one really knows and time will tell.

people do it all the time, you just don’t know how.
blizzard literally stated you can multibox all you want as long as you dont use a program to do it

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