New-ish Player: Casual/Solo Friendly?

Hello! I played this game briefly two years ago and enjoyed it but never got back to it. I’ve recently been itching to play again but none of my friends will be playing this time around. I was curious how solo friendly this game is? I’m in college and work a full time job so at most I can play once a week. I don’t care if that’ll make me progress slowly, I enjoy a large game with a slow pace. I’m curious how much of the game I can experience on my own in a casual pace and if there are player guilds that would accommodate this style? Thanks!

There’s plenty to do solo especially if your enjoy doing old quests for the story.
End game content there currently isn’t a whole lot to do solo but given your time limitations you should be able to find things to do fairly easily.

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If you have no friends or a guild, you can do everything in the game as someone with many friends. There are queues with random players for dungeons, raids, warfronts, island expeditions, pvp.

There is a pre-made group finder to find PUG (pick up group) groups for mythic + dungeons, normal/heroic raids, heroic warfronts, assaults, world quests and bosses, dailies, visions, etc. you can apply to 5 groups at a time. I don’t have friends playing and can do everything with random PUGS. Pre-made group finder is a godsend.

In the end game, there is plenty to do completely solo if you don’t like groups. World quests, asssaults, dailies, visions, unlock flying, allied races, war campaign, Nazjatar, mechagon, world pvp, solo farm old raids for mogs, mounts, etc.

In regards to guilds, they take anyone and don’t expect you do do anything. it’s mostly just chat and people hooking up to group in chat. If your guildless, you’ll get a lot of random invites at least on my server. I always ask “how many do you currently have online” and join only highly populated active guilds. Type /Gquit to leave if you don’t like it. You can also apply to guilds hit the “j” key.

Hit the “I” key to queue for random groups for dungeons and pvp battlegrounds/arenas. Dungeons start at level 15. In sum, this game is as casual and solo friendly as you like it to be. I assume that you are assuming that you can’t do group activities if you have no friends or a guild, which is 100% false. You can do everything.

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