New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Can we stop the BS about this being about curbing player behavior…IT’S ABOUT BOTS


u r a duffus, ruffus

Then maybe players should stop acting like bots :slight_smile:

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How are you still spewing out this garbage. Like really, it could not be more clear.


Is it? Blizzard is clearly trying to identify botting behavior, they’ve narrowed it down from 30 dungeons per day account wide to 30 run character wide.

That still impacts non bots who are behaving like bots in blizzard’s eye.

Bots. Not bot-like behavior or whatever your opinion of farming is.

Ignore the troll, it’s a good change. He just wants to not seem like he made a fool of himself. Legit players can now make multiple chars on same server to do an endless farm if they’re dedicated enough. Just boost 4 mages to 60 and bam, the limit is bypassed.

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If your behavior is getting caught in measures trying to catch bots…

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Well since I haven’t been caught up as you say and I’ve hit the instance cap every day since the change clearly Blizzard doesn’t think that behavior is bot-like. You’re just trolling.


So how does this combat bots, exactly?

Dunno, not my problem anymore, now I can farm on my mage without it ruining my main’s instances

It gives blizzard 4 mages worth of time to investigate an account before they effect the economy the same amount they would have before.

Doesn’t feel like a particularly strong point, but it’s all I got.

Can you show me where they said spamming resets is exploitative

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You’re really stretching their words hard to match your twisted view of ideal player behavior. You’re making assumptions and projecting your beliefs onto Blizzard.

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I guess? Too bad 4 mages worth of time (when being boosted) is like… a week.

3 days most likely

This actually makes me happy now, finally leveling a warlock and I don’t feel hindered by my main and alt now :smiley:

If you are hitting that limit on one character, then yes yes they do consider it bot like behavior.

Well does this new change help you as someone who wants to run more than 30 dungeons a day? Yes or no.

The only thing that determines what is bot behavior or not is if the actions are AUTOMATED. Just stop man, it’s embarrassing.