New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Pretty soon here they will convince blizzard that having fun in classic is exploitative behavior


Lol if your husband genuinely enjoys getting boosted through levels by sitting in the Cath entrance tunnel and doing literally nothing while someone else kills stuff for him then congrats, he’s the most boring person ever, but more power to him I guess.

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I have said myself in the past that the pathing abuse to make these farms doable FEELS like exploiting.

However if this is blizzards stance on the matter they need to make a statement on it and soon.

Considering it’s been going on since basically a month after launch to just start randomly banning every mage doing these pulls would be bad business to say the least.

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I thought Blizzard already believed that.

Bro your trolling is stale. Find a hobby, you’ll be happier.

Any citation for this? It’s possible that this is an intended gate for players, but that seems unlikely based on the history of the way they communicate this stuff, unless there’s a new blue post I’m unaware of. The only thing I’ve seen them explicitly say is that this is intended to effect bots, and not legitimate players.

I really wish they would further clarify this, as that would take away a lot of the argument here (I haven’t been following it closely lately so if they have said this, please point it out). The last post I remember talking about it said:

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The Blizzard post and actions are the citation. The 30 instance a day cap further limits dungeon instances which, with the 5 per hour cap, were at 120 per day and are now capped at 30 per day. I’m not sure how much more clarification you’ll get. They changed the rules, hence they thought the previous rule was not restrictive enough.

I think you are conflating taking action against legitmate players (which I’d suggest means a mistaken ban or other administrative action) with changing the rules of the game. Changing the rules affects all players, but is not “actioning” a specific player(s).

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They have made a statement on it… sort of. Aurelus asked a GM them explicitly on stream when they unbanned him. They said boosting was fine - even in ZF where “pathing abuse” is used to kill everything.

I’m sure there’s a full twitch vod for it too if you want to see it yourself.

Yes boosting is still acceptable behavior, however you are now capped on how much you can do it.

Message was loud and clear.


Thank you for sharing the video, it’s great to see that Blizzard GMs do not consider boosting or instance grinding exploitation.


It would suck being a GM having to explain elementary things to people like those that think resetting instances is abusive.


So no. Ok. Next?


It’s always a big facepalm moment when someone disagrees and genuinely believes that the boosting and instance grinding is actually exploiting the game. It’s clearly not and it’s good to see a GM response to that.


No what? They changed the rules, do you really have a question or just trolling? If trolling you really need to change out the bait :rofl:

Well we have proof now that instance farming isn’t exploiting


but we all know it never ends there - the ‘bOoStiNg iZ ExpLoiTz’ crowd will just move the goalposts elsewhere and continue the bad faith arguments.


And noone has said it was, spamming resets is what was fixed not farming dungeons.

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Spamming resets was fixed with the 5/hr cap.

The 30/day doesn’t prevent spam. It prevents playing the game.


No it’s actually not. You can farm dungeons without spamming resets, you just can’t do it as fast :stuck_out_tongue: or now as much every day :stuck_out_tongue: