New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Alright dude, have fun wallowing in negativity all day. None of what you said is worth my time refuting.


I guess Blizz just has the data to prove that not many players are being negatively effected by the way their ignore function works. I don’t use it myself, and since it doesn’t effect me that means I know it works perfectly and have no problem with how Blizz’s ignore function works on the forums and will promptly deny that anyone who has an issue with how it works has a legitimate complaint.

I’m not sure why any player would even need to ignore someone for longer than a few months, I don’t need to so if someone else does it must mean they’re exploiting and doing something bad for the game. We should just realize Blizz deliberately made this ignore system this way because it’s what is best for the community and players. :smirk:

That was sarcasm, just going to note that’s not how I feel about their ignore/reporting systems. Cuz it would suck to just have what you care about be minimized like that by someone who isn’t even effected by it by their own admission.


filing my daily complaint again


Got my Blade of Eternal Darkness today.
2014 runs.
This is my last post in this topic. I don’t have to deal with the lockouts much anymore because my farm is over but this is still a very frustrating change. Hopefully the Devs choose to let off a bit in some way. Even boosting to 35 or 40 would be very welcomed from players putting in the effort for rare items


Lies. They removed the instance cap from raids.

Try again.

ZG is a 20 player raid, ZG still counts towards the instance lock.

Poor guy! Now he has to spend half an hour in Darkshire to get the same XP he would have gotten from you! He might even have fun :cry:


I am stuck at home cant do any thing we are locked to houses by order of law… and the one game i play… i cant… do anything but run around the world in xmog because there is no WORLD CONTENT AT 60… WTF get a brain bliz… it wasnt till BC that you realize there was no world content … thank you for making the same mistake again.

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Well… crap … i dont have anything in wow i can do at lvl 60… so i am just going to keep posting… since this is the only place blizzard has people responding… 3 1/2 to talk with a GM… that is awesome… if it happens at all.


Reminder: This change is ridiculously bad. Get an anti cheat and keep banning bots. Get rid of this trash change.


I have no doubt that if the cap were at 35 or 40, players abusing the instance resets would still want more.


As it should, seeing as it is used as a boosting and farming piñata.

If you cannot find something to do as a L60 outside of an instance, you are not looking very hard. Have you considered playing retail?

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Is this your endgame? 158 posts in this thread to hopefully push people to retail?


My “endgame” is for players to play the game that gives them the most fulfilment without harming the experience of the other players. If that means going (back?) to retail, so be it.

Glad to see you so concerned about my post count, but I don’t see the relevence.

No I interpret that as your husband wanting to AFK his warrior to 60 by sitting in the entrance tunnel to cath and not actually playing the game. Getting 20+ levels in a day without hitting a single mob or completing a single quest certainly sounds like an exploit to me.


Check out the Extended History over at WoWTokenPrices. Look at the spike in token prices after Jun 16th (after this limit was implemented).

This totally worked on stopping bots.


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Best of luck in your mission. I imagine there are quite a few classic players like me who didn’t come from retail and would sooner quit than go to retail.

It speaks to the effort and dedication to your cause.


How is farming dungeons hurting other players? I don’t know if you realize how easy it is to hit instance cap if you are farming linen cloth for the war effort. THe dungeon runs take about 5 minutes.


Or amount of obtuse, bias, information and trolling he performs as a white knight fanboi dedicated to defending Blizz whenever they screw up and don’t admit it.