New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

If they have 1 account per server on servers A B C D, how does it hurt their profit to instead of running 24/7 per account on A B C or D, to run 6 hours on A B C D for each of the accounts that would normally run on only A B C or D.

It would have been, but now it’s allowing them to operate at the same efficiency while players can’t, that’s a pretty big gain for them

And I never said it didn’t.

With four accounts, I can farm 30 dungeons a day per account per server on four servers, so 480 dungeons a day, in the current system.

Previously, with four accounts, I could farm 120 dungeons a day per account, so 480 dungeons a day.

What a massive change thank goodness this went through.


Swapping between servers is not an automated process.

If you have a tool that detects when you’ve hit the cap, logs you out, and swaps you to another server that you haven’t capped on, then yes. Is that tool even written yet? How much is it going to cost to buy and/or run that tool? How easy is it for Blizzard to tell that you’re regularly bumping up against the cap, swapping servers, and bumping up against the cap again? If you’re doing that, what are the odds that you’re a botter? How quickly are you getting banned now?

I’d say the change was well worth it.

You’re clearly missing the point. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s intentional.

Druids are fine.

Theoretically? Sure. Realistically? No.

This isn’t retail.

Yeah… They care about theirs…


I believe automated programs exist yes, how do you think bots run in the first place? Botting programs can easily tell when you are stuck, dead, need repairs, or hit instance caps.

Probably as easily as it was to tell if someone was on 24/7 doing the same repeated behaviour constantly, which means this change was unnecessary.

Because they did a bot wave separately? Bot bans were what we wanted in the first place, and can happen without restricting non-bots.

Weird, as there is no mention of the 30 lock in there. I wonder why that is? :thinking:

Also really odd that the old “actioned” thread was also separate from the 30 lock thread? :thinking:

Almost as if the 30 lock change wasn’t solely about bots.

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You mean besides the action of capping instances to 30 per 24 hours?


I know its a hard position to have to admit youre wrong but cmon man, you shot your shot and were wrong. Better luck next agenda

Yeah, that’s what he means. If your tank sucks in retail it doesn’t matter.

In classic if your tank sucks, the dps have to wait.

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It’s the “us vs them” mentality that came with the pserver crowd. It doesn’t matter how much longer we had our druids than they did. Because that druid moved on into TBC, we clearly don’t know a single thing about the class that we’ve had for 15 years.

Bud I’ve had my druid just as long as you both. You’re not correct just because of that, I’d even go as far as to say it’s about 99% irrelevant to the discussion.

It is the tank’s job to get threat/aggro.
It is the DPS’s job to stay below the threat threshold.

These things are not mutually exclusive in classic, nor does it mean the “tank sucks” when parse happy DPS don’t bother with threat meters and cause fights to go pear shaped.


Exactly this.

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It is amusing how some of the people complaining about this change and how it hurts hardcore 1337 players apparently don’t know how to use a threat meter.

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Yes, it is.

It was two entirely different things. Even you inadvertently admit this when you say:

So they no longer have to ban “exploiters” running dungeons, but they continue to ban 2-3k exploiters a day.

Hmm. :thinking:

No, I’m saying the point is too broad and includes people whose dungeon farming does NOT affect the economy.

Once more: make far less a broad statement, or explain how Druids farming MCPs are affecting the economy.


Realistically, yes.

It isn’t 2004, either.

… exactly?

Someone with a brain. Thank god.

That’s outdated noob thinking.

that is their choice???

and shame on you for caring so much?

also my daily complaint


I’m new to this whole question but I don’t quite get why so many people hate the idea.

Logistically, it seems incredible to me that anyone would want to do more than 30 instances a day. I mean, let’s assume the most valuable ones take half an hour to complete - that’s 15 hours of play in one day. Who actually plays 15 hours a day? I realise some of them take less time than that, but the longer ones, and the ones like DM that give good income, aren’t quick to run.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone who farms instances as to how many hours a day they do it because it seems crazy to want more than that.

DME is either optimized around clearing in 12 minutes, or going faster and taking breaks between sets of 5.

And it’s not one day, it’s 24 hours. Thats friday/saturday night and sat/sun morning.


This is by far the laziest, greediest and pathetic change that doesn’t even really address the issue at hand. Someone at blizzard needs to take a stand against Activision and do what’s best for the community at large here. Hire a small task force to deal with botters and RMT…put your damn customers first for once.


Daily reminder that this change doesn’t do much more than slightly inconvenience botters and only hurts legitimate players.

At the very least this garbage change should have been released with a UI tracker to track our total instances used, and the fact it doesn’t even have that shows how little thought they put into this change.