New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Finish my 5 runs in 25-30 min, go do chores for an hour, come back.

This is what I’ve done when helping guildies farm for NR gear in Mara, farm arena runs, exc.

The 5/hr doesn’t have to mean 6 hours of straight play…

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No but it means 6 hours of time.

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Blizzard has already addressed this by saying it’s only a small handful of players, just because you give examples of how you can get locked out doesn’t change that. I’m pretty sure everyone knows you can get locked out because that was the whole point of the change and it’s intended.


I’m not sure this is true. While some bot accounts are stolen if you read the botting forums there are a bunch of people for whom botting is a “hobby” everything from fishing bots to PvP bots. Many of these are pixel based and more difficult for Blizzard to pin down, probably the reason for the occassional false positive.

Blizzard’s battle against the bots is an ongoing battle. People on the forums tend to make it sound much simpler than is actually the case.

Just because you want to agree with Blizzard’s terrible change and address to the change doesn’t mean it’s going to stop people from feeling like they lost something they enjoy AND PAY FOR.

I’d like to start hearing examples from how this has improved your game play experience. I doubt it has because we still see the bots more than ever, and they will now farm outside of dungeons more than they used to. Your precious economy won’t see any changes since no one can compete with bots. This change is doing nothing but upsetting people that enjoy dungeons. So stop trying to defend this dungeon limit change like it’s actually going to prevent the bots to do what they’ve always done.

And I agree with the poster above, that perhaps it’s time to lower our subscription fee if we’re going to be playing by casual limits.


I trust Blizzard more than you to know how this affects bots. This change has zero negative affect on a large majority of the playerbase, and it certainly has at least some affect on bots. Bots negatively affect everyone, so any small change is good, while the instance cap only affects a small handful of players. If bots are outside dungeons that means they are easier to report. Just because the cap doesn’t have any directly visible improvements to gameplay doesn’t mean it’s not helping

They said they are still working on ways to combat bots, so they know this isn’t a good permanent solution, but changes aren’t going to happen in 1-2 weeks.

You can still do anything in the game that does not involve a dungeon or 20 man instance. Or you can change server and do more since apparently that is not inconvenient at all.

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whose weener do i gotta suck to get this retail restriction lifted?


You would be crying even harder if you had to deal with retail dungeon systems :stuck_out_tongue:

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No they wouldn’t. Not even remotely comparable.

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You think people who are upset about this wouldn’t be even more upset about heroic/mythic dungeons with daily lockouts or mythic+ dungeons?

Current retail dungeon locks:

Normal/Heroic - No daily lock
Mythic - 1/week (But only boss loot, everything else you can do with no restriction.)
Mythic+ - No daily lock

Yeah bud, I think they wouldn’t care at all.


Heroics lockout can be bypassed with lfg tool to do random heroics

Regardless you are comparing apples to oranges. Retail is a very different game than classic.

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The server changing isn’t an inconvenience to bots, their goal is gold to sell, not character progression.

Heroics have a lockout, you can try to RNG it with LFD.

You’re right mythics are on a week lockout, which is even harsher.

Mythic+ requires you know someone having the keystone.

All of these things prevent the kind of garbage reset spam that people are whining they want in an ven harsher way than 30 runs per day.


None, because no adult with a different hobby is going to be told on their weekend ‘you can only enjoy your hobby for 6 hours then you’re cut off for a day’. And most people do get angry when someone arbitrarily decides they can’t do something for no reason.

So your context is that someone who plays more than 6 hours is a bot? You get stupider every time you post. Someone who sits at lotus spawns 24/7, or someone who spends 18 hours a day ranking is perfectly fine- but 6 hours in dungeons that’s just unheard of.

Hey hey, ho ho. This limit’s got to go!


Do they still? Either way once you break the lock with LFD it resets every heroics lock.

It’s not a full week lock for mythics though, it’s just no loot from bosses specifically.

And mythic+ literally everyone has their own key for and can put a group together and run whenever they want.

Small handful of players, so basically anyone who is slightly above casual play or a “weekend warrior”

Casuals have no issue with it. It’s the people that play a lot and try to maximize their play that have issues.

I play 1-2 hours a day on weekdays, and 8+ hours on weekends. This change is something I can work around to a degree, but it makes me much less willing to use my lockouts to help others do what they need to do, like arena runs. In other words it kills part of the social aspect of the game. And considering a good part of the benifit of classic vs retail in many peoples eyes is the community and it’s social aspects instead of having instant group systems that will group you with random people who likely aren’t even on your realm so if your a jerk it won’t matter…

One of the last heroics I did in retail I had a fresh lvl 110 (stopped in legion) dps warrior who qued as tank and then blamed the group for us not having a tank as he tried to force our druid (who was our healer) to be the tank. He did it for fast tank que. Didn’t care about how he treated us because he would likely never have to deal with us again.

You can’t do that in classic, your reputation follows you.


Now you also have to factor in that blizzard has also broken most of the solo farming techniques people are abusing in retail by dungeon design.

Which would also be an acceptable solution for classic. Remove all the pathing exploits people are abusing, remove the ability to solo specific things, remove being able to troll for rares. That would have been another solution.

This change does not only affect solo farming. And if we’re going to go there, two massively different games and your entire comparison is out the window