New Instance Limit in WoW Classic



Then why put in a change that solely targets and punishes legitimate players, and does nothing about bots? As has been explained many times, the work around for bots is extremely simple and they can still farm instances 24/7 with a single account.

Blizz’s reputation is suffering not because of bots, but because of their inaction. If people believe they are money grubbing and lazy it’s because they’ve done nothing to prove otherwise.

WCIII Refunded being a shoddy tribute to one of the greatest RTS games of all time, where they deliberately lied and even showed false footage to support their lies about everything being remade, about far more engaging cutscenes such as the dynamic one of the famous Strat argument between Arthas and Uther.

Diablo Immoral showed their massive ignorance of the playerbase’s wants.

Overwatch quickly became one of the most predatory gambling games of the time, often hailed not as the game that created gambling boxes but one of the top ones that popularized and brought it to mainstream. Destiny 2’s reverse ‘bad luck protection’ perhaps is the most nefarious and vile thing I’ve ever seen a major video game company try to get away with.

You and Blizz need to understand that people don’t just mistrust Blizz on a whim here, this is years of numerous clear and obvious reasons to mistrust them being given, and ‘they said so so just trust them’ simply isn’t good enough, actions have to be visible to earn trust right now.

If they want people to believe they’re doing something about bots then we need to be seeing bots, especially the obvious ones that flaunt it openly in the world or fill dungeons by the hundreds with gibberish names, ones a regular person could identify for investigation within minutes of logging on- being noticeably reduced.

And doing a ban wave every half year just doesn’t cut it.


awful change


Raids are not affected by the lockout. So DMT/UBRS is most likely the only thing affected in your list. Ubers is a raid so it shouldn’t count either but according to their language only 40 mans are excluded.

Yes…raids are affected as well…re-read it.

They hotfixed it to remove raids from the list.


Botting has only increased in my server since this change. I main a low pop server and before this change I never saw more then 1 bot a week and never had anyone in LFG chat spamming the same macro for zg runs that they all spam.

I’m not sure if more targeted my server after the banwave, or if they just started having to spend 6 hours botting in my server to meet their quota with the new 30 instance cap. Whatever the case it’s horrible and shows how ineffective this change is. In fact may be evidence of it actually increasing botting.

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Raids are not effected by lockout for 40 man’s,… Now.

That wasn’t part of the original announcement or decision.

They changed it after a day or two. Which already effected one of my raid days and we had 2 of our players locked for the raid. One of them was a hunter that does DMT for buffs for the raid as he did the instance about 20 times to farm the late night before and did it 8 times the day of the raid partially to get people their buffs. Then went to Ubers, BWL, and was locked out of MC and ONYXIA.

They made the 40 man change the next day…

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ZG and AQ 20 will still be tied to the 30/day limit. So not all raids were removed from the limit.

Blizzard doesnt comprehend that any change they make, especially to scarcity or limits only HELPS the bots, it never hurts them. Why? They can still go 24/7, they just switch to another bot account, which is probably why you see more now. It only encourages them to make more bots.

The answer is to ban them before they can make a profit, and thats it, you win. They only do it for profits, if they make no profit they stop botting. Problem solved.


Bizz- rest assured that while the 1% of your playerbase crushed by 30 lock continue their nasal whine, us average Joe players cheer for 30 lock and the 75k ban. Please continue to cut the legs out from these cheaters. We hope that your anti-cheater methods eventually cut the head off the filthy cheating beast.

Keep up the good work!

Except the change doesn’t solely target legitimate players. And legitimate players were largely not impacted.

I’m happy for the 75k ban as well, but when your farming gear that is rare, it’s very annoying to have that lockout when you can only play 1-2 days a week

Yes it does- that gold sellers and botters are now applauding the change should tell you everything.

Bots easily ignore this restriction, it takes them a minor, effortless adjustment and then it’s business as usual. Legit players now are limited, reducing competition with bots- letting bots have a greater market share of gold supply.

At best this does nothing to stop bots, at worst this makes it more appealing and lucrative.


Links please :slight_smile:


You are utterly wrong. How is it impossible for you to understand that this limit only helps bots? The bots will just keep making more accounts, more bots to keep track of more bots to ban. This is limiting real players who wants to spend their entire day/weekend farming, materials/items have skyrocketed due to the the ban wave, but it wont be long now till they go back down to what they once were due to there being 5x as many bots as before


cheaters rage very hard in this thread

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If they could just make more account they already would be doing so.

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Second paragraph the gold seller advertises his site.


You’ve been nothing but a nuisance to this forum thread, posting gibberish arguments and still not fully understanding the greater impact of this change. Go out and actually buy some mage boosts, make a mage, just because youre a casual level 54 still doesnt mean you know what goes on at the highest level of classic. Sit